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Can faith and feminism work together?

As a trans feminist, I'm also deeply religious. Faith and feminism can work!


Matters of faith: Be your own guide

When I was a child my mum would make us pray and sing songs about God. There was a choice, …


I am autistic

From the age of three, when I started school, I was "unusual", "strange" and "different". We are not a problem, …


Thigh Gap Facts

Urban Outfitters recently removed an image of a 'too thin' model. This might be a good time to explore thigh …


Vlog letter to those with depression who self harm

Ash has made a vlog to share her tips on alleviating depression. TW: Mention of cutting.

What's So Super About Superfood?

What’s So Super About Superfood?

Superfoods and The World: why health food fads aren't super for everyone.


Why Venn Diagrams Genuinely Make Me Feel Better About Things

Oh, Venn diagrams, putting our messy world into some kind of colourful perspective...

What Happened When I Stopped Wearing Makeup

What Happened When I Stopped Wearing Makeup

When Mary stopped wearing makeup, what changed more? Her skin or her outlook on life?

How Not To Detox

How Not To Detox

These real life detox tips may help if your body is indeed a temple, but one that's dedicated to a …

Skydiving With Hearing Aids... Hear Me Roar

Skydiving With Hearing Aids… Hear Me Roar

Laura Muller, who has 50% hearing loss, took up skydiving as a hobby. She is now a national gold medallist …

Misconceptions About OCD - It's Not All About The Volume Of The TV

Misconceptions About OCD – It’s Not All About The Volume Of The TV

If that Buzzfeed article of '19 things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane' annoys you, you may have a …

Dandelion Jam Recipe

Dandelion Jam Recipe

How to make dandelion jam, straight from the keyboard of a Jam Novice.

Human Problems Require Human Solutions

Human Problems Require Human Solutions

Cancer is a problem all humans face. Why must campaigns needlessly segregate genders and sexify the disease?

How Science Helps You Decode Dreams

How Science Helps You Decode Dreams

How to work with dreams the scientific way, with a sprinkle of extra advice for those with depression.