How to make a Pokémon ball friendship necklace

How to make a Pokémon ball friendship necklace

This is a piece I made as a present a while back, so it’s not in as good a condition as it was when I made it.  The owner of the other half and I both love a bit of Pokémon and I love making cute and cheesy presents, so when I saw some of these for sale online (here are some examples on Etsy) it was something I had to try for myself.

How to make a Pokemon ball friendship necklace

Crafting bits you’ll need:

  • Crafting clay
  • Pointy sharp things (knife, cocktail stick, clay tool if you’ve got it)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Necklace chain

I began by rolling out some clay and cutting a circle out of it. It would have been super helpful if I could find our circular cookie cutters, but in the end I think I used a paint lid.

I then used a thin clay tool to mark out the words “I choose you!” on the back (so much cheese going on here).

I used a knife tool to cut the circle in half in a zig zag shape, creating a jagged edge.

Finally, I used a cocktail stick to put holes in the tops of the two halves and put them in the oven to bake.


When they had cooled down and hardened, I used acrylics to paint them to look like two halves of a Pokéball.

Because it took so many layers of paint for me to get them to look right without messing them up, the edges did not quite meet up so I hand-sanded them slightly. They still don’t fully match, but they look okay together.

I painted the back red, then went over the writing with a black permanent marker.

When they were fully dry I pushed chain through the holes (which was a tight squeeze as I hadn’t made them big enough) and used jump rings to connect the ends of the chain.

The necklaces don’t need to be opened because they are long enough to slide underneath a shirt, which is handy if you want to keep the necklace a bit of a secret!


I choose you!