How to make a juice bag

How to make a juice bag

This lunch bag is brightly-coloured, waterproof, easy to make and durable. It makes great use of Kool-Jammer or Capri Sun pouches.

Materials you need to make a juice pouch bag:

  • 14 Capri Sun or Kool-aid Jammer juice pouches
  • X-acto knife
  • Sticky End Velcro
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Scissors


After the juice has been drank use an x-acto knife to slit the bottom of the juice pouch.

Clean the inside of each pouch with hot soapy water and let dry.

Take four juice pouches and sew them together 2 by 2.

Do the same with four more juice pouches, having two sets of four. These are the front and back of the bag.

The Sides:

Sew two juice pouches together, one above the other, two tall one wide.

Do the same to two more juice pouches, have two sets of two. These are the sides of the bag

The Bottom:

For the bottom of the bag you will need to determine how long it will need to be by taking two juice pouches and laying them next to shorter side of the set of four juice pouches. Instead of having one juice pouch full size and having a small part of another showing for the bottom I layed them on top of each other and sewed down the middle of them both to make it the appropriate length. Then I cut off the extra bit, leaving approximately and 1/2″, then sewed that end down flat.

Putting It All Together:

The next step is to sew the bottom to one of the sets of four.

Once you have done that sew the other set of four to the other side.

Next sew one of the sets of two to the bottom, then the other.

Now sew all the ends together, the front to the sides and the back to the sides.


Add a piece of velcro to the top inside of the bag.

Fold over the top of the bag approximately an inch and a half, then place another piece of velcro under the fold.

Now your lunch bag is complete, everyone will be impressed by your creative recycling…

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