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Body-positive Barbie gets a new look

Body-positive Barbie now comes in a range of body types and skin, hair and eye colours with Mattel Fashionista.

how to start a journal

How to start a journal – and keep it going

How to start a journal as a diary, creative journey or self-care tool? How to keep it going with the same focus once you've started?

Resisters YA short story anthology

(Re)Sisters: YA short stories for rebels

(Re)Sisters - a YA anthology of short stories packed with rebel girls, empowerment and escape.

Discover the unusual Valentine's Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Discover the unusual Valentine’s Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Seeking out unusual Valentine's Day cards? Discover the anatomically correct art of Lozzy Bones!

Eliza Rickman

Eliza Rickman interview – talking truth and beauty

Spend 5 minutes inside the mind of Eliza Rickman as she talks beauty, truth, hurt, touring and dressing up.

apologise no more

Apologise no more – women don’t owe men an apology for rejection

When I was asked out and turned him down, I found myself apologising. Why? Women don't owe men an apology for rejection.

pinup model Diablo Rose

Pinup model Diablo Rose shares her pro vintage makeup tips

Pinup model and makeup artist Diablo Rose talks tips, tutorials, career journeys and the joys of raspberry ripple hair 'mistakes'!

victory rolls

Dry January vs Fierce February – what I learned about saying no

Completing Dry January was a good experience for Lucy - she picked up lots of good habits and felt the benefit. Here's what she learned...

Manga - the ancient magus' bride vol 1 cover

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Manga Review

The Ancient Magus' Bride is a New York Times manga bestseller about a girl who feels numbed and alone until she steps into a magical world of wonder...

vintage hair nets 1940s snood

Vintage hair nets – vintage style’s secret weapon

Vintage hair nets are your best friend for vintage style statements, bad hair days and vamping up victory rolls. See tutorials and tips!

how to bring magic into your life

14 Ways to bring magic into your life… using actual magic

Discover ways to bring magic into your life... using real magic. Enrich your inner day-to-day...

how to make a night garden

How to make a night garden that comes alive under starlight

How to make a night garden - create a starlit playground of sweet scents, pale plants and creatures of the night!

honey beauty tips

How to get rid of blackheads with honey and a DIY facial steam

Hey, honey! Here's how to get rid of blackheads with sticky honey and a very easy DIY facial steam cleanse!

lgbt webcomics melanie gillman as the crow flies

LGBT webcomics: Melanie Gillman gets epic

LGBT webcomics: Eisner-nominated artist Melanie Gillman talks Christian youth camp, life, and their latest epic, As the Crow Flies.

Old stuff we really love


Feminist book quiz – Mookychick

Play the feminist book quiz and see how well you do!

Carla Valentine

How to become a Mortuary Technician – with Carla Valentine

Carla wanted to work in a mortuary ever since she was a little girl. UK Pathologists prefer not to call it a morgue...

ultimate corset guide

Corsetry Guide… What You Really Need to Know about Corsets

Long read: A full guide to corsetry, from waist training and corset shapes to lacing and myth busting. Love and know your corsets!

how to make a magical sigil

Sigil magic: How to make a Magical Sigil

Check out our step by step guide to making a magical sigil. We also, of course, explain how it works.

DIY perfume

How to make your own DIY perfume from scratch

How to make your own natural DIY perfume - it's easy and inexpensive, and gives you a scent shared by no-one else. Get crafting.

self-care blanket fort

How To Build A Self Care Blanket Fort

Build your own self-care blanket fort for precious alone time. Bring cats, sweets, books to read and inspirational to-do lists.