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“Can I be made the Duke of Mook?” – Jonathan Ross

“I’ve been a fan of Mookychick for years” – Jane Goldman

“If you’re looking for the meaning of life, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for life, you will.” – Web User Magazine

“Mookychick could offend sectors of the student community” – National Union of Students

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About Mookychick

Mookychick Online was created in 2005 by Magda Knight and Amanda Prouten, two ex-Goths who knew that the young ladies of today are more than the sum of their wardrobes, their make-up and their kissing/fellatio technique. Mookychick was initially intended to be a print publication taking up the mantle of Jane (the now-defunct US magazine). A national British publishing company expressed interest but it never made print. Instead the internet opened its doors and allowed Mookychick to go global, with regular readers as far afield as Russia and Iran (though not China. Sadly. Yet. Yeah. We’re looking at you, China.)

Mookychick is a magazine and community dedicated to growing up as an alternative young woman, dispelling the myth of subcultural barriers (Goth vs. Emo? Emo vs. The System? How reactionary) and broadening horizons.

Yes, it’s feminist. But that’s like saying a person tends to breathe now and then. Of course it’s feminist, but with an eye to the outsider. Many of its teenage readers have found each other on the forum, gone to festivals and college together, grown up together. A truly self-policing and self-defining community of alternative women, young and older.

In five years the readership has grown exponentially. It’s a real pleasure to see that the birth of a magazine such as ours has proved to the world that there is a niche out there that no-one knew existed – a class of girl / woman that defines herself only by her freedom and curiosity, not just her dress sense and taste in music. This niche is now discussed in marketing boardrooms – but without the rise of magazines like Suicide Girls, Bust and Mookychick, this would have been impossible.

We have several campaigns on the go at Mookychick – these include replacing txtspeak with plain english, encouraging journalism and safe sexual growth. More campaigns are to follow, including a global book club. We’ve also helped readers set up their own online magazines, providing mentorship to both journalists and editors as required. We aim to be a viral, proactive resource – aiding others, who in turn aid the people they meet.

Incidentally, Mookychick has also been hugely supportive of alternative models who have been inspired to show flesh and inked skin by sites like Suicide Girls but are unprepared for the potential pitfalls of being a freelance, unpaid, occasionally abused alternative model. Our vocal support and wealth of information on the matter has helped ensure that prospective alternative models know exactly how to go about their business, and we’ve even helped place some of our readers in successful, trustworthy alternative modelling agencies. We’re proud of that. In our upcoming competition to find the four faces of Mookychick for 2009, we hope to achieve more of the same.

If you would like to interview the creators of Mookychick, we’ll be happy to talk further about either Mookychick as a phenomenon or about the state of play for girls today. Please contact the editor, Magda Knight, at if you’re interested in featuring us in an article. We’d be thrilled to hear from you, and will be happy to supply you with interviews, press information, soundbytes, photos and printable logos as required.

About the editrix and co-founder

Magda Knight is a writer and co-founder of Mookychick Online. She has been the editrix since its inception in 2005.

She first started writing through a love of fantasy and comics, cutting her teeth on 2000AD when Judge Dredd still had a lisping robot and an Italian cleaning lady. Her dream of getting published in said comic was realised when she co-wrote a Judge Janus story with award-winning comics writer Grant Morrison (Batman, the X-Men, The Invisibles).

Since then, Magda has divided her time between occasionally winning writing contests for her cross-genre short stories, getting published in independent, artsy anthologies like “What Would Bill Hicks Say?” and editing Mookychick for each wednesday’s issue.

She’s been delighted by not only the emotional connection the readers have with the site (more than a few of them have written directly to say that it has changed their life or helped them through horrific times), but also by the spirit of generosity and altruism the Mookychick magazine and community seem to engender. Time and time again, messageboard users have written articles for the site, mentored by other community members. Magda herself has been happy to answer any questions put to her, whether it’s as an agony aunt on the advice column or in reply to requests from girls inspired by the site and wanting to know how to set up their own online magazine. But this site isn’t about cult of the personality. All the community members have made their place in internet history as a truly supporting, sharing resource created by girls (mostly) for girls (again, mostly).

Magda likes answering questions, and will be happy to answer yours.

Please email if you would like more information.