Resisters YA short story anthology

(Re)Sisters: YA short stories for rebels

(Re)Sisters - a YA anthology of short stories packed with rebel girls, empowerment and escape.

Discover the unusual Valentine's Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Discover the unusual Valentine’s Day cards of Lozzy Bones

Seeking out unusual Valentine's Day cards? Discover the anatomically correct art of Lozzy Bones!

Eliza Rickman

Eliza Rickman interview – talking truth and beauty

Spend 5 minutes inside the mind of Eliza Rickman as she talks beauty, truth, hurt, touring and dressing up.

Manga - the ancient magus' bride vol 1 cover

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Manga Review

The Ancient Magus' Bride is a New York Times manga bestseller about a girl who feels numbed and alone until she steps into a magical world of wonder...

lgbt webcomics melanie gillman as the crow flies

LGBT webcomics: Melanie Gillman gets epic

LGBT webcomics: Eisner-nominated artist Melanie Gillman talks Christian youth camp, life, and their latest epic, As the Crow Flies.

Eliza Rickman

The silver voice of Eliza Rickman will hold you spellbound

Eliza Rickman is an indie singer-songwriter whose spellbinding music has been featured on Welcome to Night Vale. Enter a world of shimmer and shadows...


She Makes War… with Mookychick. Interview!

Laura Kidd, She Makes War creatrix and coiner of gloom pop, talks of music, touring and her fan community.

shadowhunters tv show diversity poster

Shadowhunters diverse cast – doing it right

Shadowhunters diverse cast decisions get the show a big thumbs-up AND a big audience. The TV pilot airs to 1.82 million US viewers...

The Curse Play Jane Bradley

The Curse – a play about the blood and guts of being a girl

The Curse Play is a fantastic new drama about intense teen friendships, mental health and more - coming to Manchester in March 2016!


Hellhole by Gina Damico – Review

In the mood for a YA horror comedy that combines hijinks with Hell? Read Hellhole by Gina Damico.

the girl with all the gifts

Hollywood Whitewashing in film casting for Girl with all the Gifts

Hollywood whitewashing strikes again. If only an actress of colour was playing the wonderful Miss Justineau...

Rookie Yearbook 4 - Raising the Roof!

Rookie Yearbook 4 – Raising the Roof!

Rookie Yearbook Four is like the feminist slumber party you never want to leave!

Bound Feet Blues: A life told in shoes

Bound Feet Blues: A life told in shoes

Yang-May Ooi tells her personal and family history through shoes, from bound feet to biker boots...

Heart of the Original - review

Heart of the Original – review

This books says that originality isn't loved. Not at first. Originality is *scary*...