What a Videogame Taught Me About Personal Perception

I’m loathe to make such a sweeping statement about women gamers but it does seem …

Video Games

8 YA books featuring diversity that totally nail it

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Motionless in White – the ‘Reincarnate’ album

Metalcore band Motionless in White tackles anger and sacrifice in the 2014 Reincarnate album.


Women in Video Games: Doing Better, Still A Long Way To Go

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Ancient Trees: Beth Moon’s 14 year quest to photograph the world’s most resplendent trees

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Every Breath: A Modern Take on Sherlock Holmes

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Chicks Unravel Time

Chicks Unravel Time

Kaite Welsh talks about Chicks Unravel Time, a sharp new anthology of Doctor Who essays …


The fantasy art of Johanna Ost

Swedish artist Johanna Ost explores a rich world of folklore, the 1800s and bad girls. …

Doctor Who Missy season 8

It’s official: Doctor Who season 9 has woman writer

Steven Moffat hires woman writer for an episode of Doctor Who season 9


Dragon Age – Wherefore Art Thou?

1 week to go! Dragon Age have been playing a stealth game, but this glowing …


Black Butler Movie Review

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Daniel Radcliffe stars in new fantasy horror drama Horns. When it comes to revenge, the …

Lords of the fallen

Lords of the Fallen

Dark Souls fans will get a kick out of Lords of the Fallen, the new …

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an indie exploration mystery adventure that really caught our …