Record store day

Record Store Day is the 3rd Saturday of every April. Spread the record store love xxx


A Wrinkle In Time – now a hard/soft graphic novel

The graphic novel of A Wrinkle in Time becomes, finally, a paperback.

Comics & Anime

She Makes War… with Mookychick. Interview!

Laura Kidd, She Makes War creatrix and coiner of gloom pop, talks of music, communicty & self.


Think Wicked the musical isn’t feminist? Let it go.

Went to see Wicked the musical and loved it. Not ashamed.


Twin Peaks UK Festival

Twin Peaks Festival 2015 celebrates the TV show's 25th anniversary. Tell your friends. It's a secret.


Sue Perkins is hosting GoT THRONECAST spinoff!

Finally you can put Sue Perkins and Game of Thrones in the same sentence. Perkins is coming.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10

It's season 10 in the Buffy comicverse, and Friends meets... well... Buffy.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

This 2013 comic about high school rivalries between cheerleaders and the robotics club should appeal to YA and shoujou manga …


10 Very Best Things about Dragon Age: Inquisition

Okay, so 90+ hours later, we’re finally ready to have a little chat. Or rather, a little froth. Because Dragon …


OMG It’s Marrying Mr. Darcy – the card game!

This Pride and Prejudice card game where you can marry Mr. Darcy is one of the best things ever.


Trans-friendly Dragon Age: Inquisition is Krem de la Creme

Dragon Age: Inquisition leads the charge for broader representation in gaming


What a Videogame Taught Me About Personal Perception

I’m loathe to make such a sweeping statement about women gamers but it does seem that many of us (perhaps …


8 YA books featuring diversity that totally nail it

Because everyone should have stories that reach out to them and say, “I see you. You exist. You are valid.”


Motionless in White – the ‘Reincarnate’ album

Metalcore band Motionless in White tackles anger and sacrifice in the 2014 Reincarnate album.