Rookie Yearbook 4 - Raising the Roof!

Rookie Yearbook 4 – Raising the Roof!

Rookie Yearbook Four is like the feminist slumber party you never want to leave!

Bound Feet Blues: A life told in shoes

Bound Feet Blues: A life told in shoes

Yang-May Ooi tells her personal and family history through shoes, from bound feet to biker boots...

Arts & Culture
Heart of the Original - review

Heart of the Original – review

This books says that originality isn't loved. Not at first. Originality is *scary*...


The Monster Seated Beside Me – Review

The Monster Sitting Besides Me is a Shōjo manga series starring academic achiever Mizutania...


The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir – review

It's worth reading Simone de Beauvoir’s still relevant work with a critical mind...


Hot Girls Wanted: A Modern Fairytale

Does the Hot Girls Wanted documentary reveal similarities between fairytales and the adult film biz?


Pedal Zombies

We just love these 13 feminist science fiction stories featuring zombies and bicycles...


SEE TRAILER: Life Is Strange final episode has arrived.

Life Is Strange, a young woman's surreal coming of age story, draws to a close with episode 5.


Steampunk Tea Party Recipes with Miss Emilly Ladybird

Explore a steampunk tea party recipes book filled with clever ideas from Venusian delight to G&T cake...


The Juniper Tree: Watch Björk, aged 20, in dark witchy fairytale

When she was 20, Björk was in The Juniper Tree, a dark Icelandic tale of witchery and magic...


Censors and sensibility

Why ban YA novels in the modern age? Banning books seems downright archaic...


Write Like a Grrrl!

Q&A with Write Like a Grrrl, who do inclusive creative writing courses for women across the UK!


7 reasons to watch Sense8

With a 2nd season confirmed, here are 7 reasons to watch original sci-fi series Sense8!


Was the founding father of conceptual art really a woman?

Could Baroness Elsa be the real creatrix of 'father of conceptual art' Duchamp's 'Fountain' urinal?