How to Make Jewellery with Tatty Devine

How to Make Jewellery with Tatty Devine
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Tatty Devine are calling in the lawyers after seeing their designs in Claires Accessories. To show support, check out their jewellery crafting how to book. Make jewellery so personal a high street fashion store will probably try to copy it…

As we hope you know, this month has seen cult DIY jewellery designers Tatty Devine calling in the lawyers after they’ve spotted virtually identical jewellery designs in high street fashion store Claire’s Accessories. Yes, we know there could be a trickle-down effect. Tatty Devine aren’t the only DIY gals on the block who have thought of working with moustaches, Andy Warhol bananas and hipster glasses. But for so MANY Tatty Devine items to be featured at Claire’s Accessories? And such a close visual match (check out the dinosaur’s little waggly forearm – exactly the same shape at both TD and CA)? There is very little doubt in our mooky minds that the Tatty Devine designs have been copied – there are far too many points of similarity (see the pictures below and judge for yourself).

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens a lot. Many DIY crafters putting on shows and displays operate a strict “no photos” policy, knowing that the large fashion and accessory stores demand that their interns to go to small shows and photograph everything there – with an eye to, quite frankly, stealing the designs and bulk-manufacturing them in China. If you are one of these fashion interns, we know it’s not your fault. You’ve been given a job to do. We’re blaming the unethical practices of the corporate sharks, who should be approaching these DIY craft outfits and engineering deals of mutual benefit to use those designs legally.

There is NO WAY DIY arts and crafters can afford to drop their prices to compete with mass-produced crap (even if it’s occasionally pretty and charming crap). In most cases, DIY designers NEVER find out their ideas have been stolen. In rare cases they might, in the same way that

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