Win Alchemy Gothic Jewellery

Win Alchemy Gothic Jewellery
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Enter our competition to win the fabled Amberdragon, an Alchemy Gothic necklace said to be made from solidified dragon tears. That’s right, Mookychick made a dragon cry. Just to make you happy. Enter now…

Competition closes on 29 April 2011.

Gothic Designs promise they will light your way through the Catacomb to find the perfect gothic jewellery and gothic accessories from their Vault, many of which are hand crafted by the finest artisans and alchemists. As well as gothic items they also have crypts in which they stock steampunk and alternative style jewellery. Some of their clever pieces are one of a kind, plundered from the depths of the tombs were they may never venture again…

The guardians of Gothic Designs would like to reassure new baby bats that their items won’t be delayed, their vaults are full, and they only sell the items they have so everything shown is in stock. Their shopping cart is powered by Roman Cart, ensuring your transaction with the Grave Keeper is safe and secure from prying eyes…

Gothic Designs have kindly set up a competition whereby you can win the fabled Amberdragon, RRP £23.99. It’s an elegant statement piece of Alchemy Gothic jewellery… an amber enamelled necklace. Amber was at one time said to be the solidified tears of dragons, so there you go. Only on Mookychick do you stand a chance of winning genuine ossified dragon tears. That’s because we love you. It’s also because we want to make dragons cry.

Answer this simple question to enter the competition

The timepiece on this awesome Alchemy Gothic watch lies on a forgotten bed of… what?

Click this link to find the answer!

  • 1. Black roses and crystals
  • 2. Mouse skulls and cockatrice tears
  • 3. Cobwebs and assasin daggers

How to enter this competition

Competition closes on 29 April 2011.

Imagine that… winning wonderful Alchemy Gothic jewellery xxx

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