Poetry by Linda M. Crate: moon archer

Poetry by Linda M. Crate: moon archer


moon archer

i have always had this fear
of being forgotten,
but i have no desire of being
made known;

too often trust has made me vulnerable to
people i should’ve hidden myself from—

so now i keep everyone out
catcuses are on all my door knobs,
every window of me is locked including
my eyes;

i don’t tell anyone my intentions
lest anyone wish to break my dreams
having none of their own to accomplish—

i just follow my path and use my magic and my dreams
to break open every door that was meant to be mine,
and no one will stand in my way;
those that try to will be met with arrows and the anger
of the moon & my wrath will come in the roaring waves of
the ocean—

eroding them into the very void
they prayed for.