How to Start a Tumblr

How to Start a Tumblr
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As well as being a water cooler for teens, Tumblr is a place filled with the fantastic, the educational, the inspirational. Find it.

1) Create your Tumblr blog.

First, it’s a good idea to choose what kind of theme your blog is going to have. Post what you like, whether it’s hipstery Instagram photos, health and fitness tips, pictures of animals, whimsical musings or Sherlock (yay). From there you can base your themes, colour schemes and posts around your content. Taking on the Theme Garden can be a bit of a hefty challenge, so try searching the ‘themes’ tags for independent bloggers who make their own themes or just scroll through Tumblr accounts to get inspiration from one you fancy. Put some thought into choosing Tumblr names, but don’t stress it.

2) Find people to follow.

We could have been ultra-snarky and gone for some real hipster photos but instead we will celebrate Instagram with this bunch of coloured pencils made out of old chinese newspapers, as taken by anastasiamika

Tumblr can be a bit of a barren wasteland if you’re not following anybody – your dashboard needs to be filled with lots of lovely pictures and pieces of writing which you can take inspiration from. You might, for example, want to follow some of the feminist sites on Tumblr. But again, use the tag search to track down blogs which post things you’re interested in.

3) Prepare for fandoms.

Depending on the type of blog you run, you may or may not come across the renowned fandoms of Tumblr. Wherever you go on Tumblr you’re bound to stumble across at least one of them. My tip to you – do not shun them, EMBRACE them. In the end, they are all of your inner feels stored up and crammed into a teenager’s body.

4) Get involved.

There are some genuinely amazing people on Tumblr; writers, singers, designers, comedians and of course, regular old kids like me and perhaps you. If you find someone who inspires you or whom you simply envy, take a trip to their ask box and get chatting. You never know, they could have a lot in common with you or feel the same way about your blog. Tumblrtrons also are very good at organising meet-ups, which are events in certain areas where people from Tumblr come to meet up with other sleep-deprived folk who like to post pictures of cats in sunglasses.

5) Enjoy whatever happens next.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Make the most of the opportunity. Ramble about what you’re thinking and post pictures of things that you love or hate. Express yourself.


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