Advertising on Mookychick

Advertising on Mookychick

Mookychick gets 80-90,000 unique visitors every month. We have just under 8,000 Facebook fans and a forum where our loyal members post regularly, not every couple of weeks. We are always willing to promote people whose products and services we like and think our readers will appreciate. We take a lot of care in collaboration, and selectively build partnerships with those our readers will truly appreciate finding out more about.

Past co-promoters have included grassroots DIY ethic stores like Punkypins and big-name giants like Waterstones. We aim to be ethical and flexible, and love advertisers who match our readership – that way, everybody benefits.

When you promote yourself through Mookychick, you can get high-impact promotion. There are a host of ways you can promote your business on Mookychick – and at a very competitive rate.

How can I promote myself on Mookychick?

  • Host a month-long competition on Mookychick – your business appears on our homepage for a full month.
  • Get featured on articles specific to your customers’ field of interest
  • Have your button, tile or skyscraper featured throughout the site – we can design this for you at no extra cost if required
  • Get your product reviewed on the site (so long as it’s good. We won’t review products that don’t match the interests of our readers.)

How much will it cost to advertise?

We recognise that a small independent hobby store will not have the same budget as an international company.

We can either provide a full package, or tailor the promotion to suit your needs and budget.

Contact us to find out more to find out more about promoting your business on Mookychick.

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