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Since 2005 @mookychick has had over 600 regular contributors. IMMENSE. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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To join: Simply visit our forum and register. It’s free, and once you’ve registered you can see not just some of the forum but all of it. Our forum is an alternative community that’s inclusive to all genders, moderated to ensure a safe space. If you want someone to talk to about anything at all, or you want to connect and meet like minds, we’ve been there for each other since 2005.

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To submit your work: Simply mail Mookychick’s editor Magda Knight at with your idea or finished piece. You can address your email however you wish. “Dear Editrix” is fine, as is “Hi there, mooks”.

Tell me more: We love the inner truth, the weird and wonderful. We are looking for eclectic contributions that can be feminist, magical, personal or related to health (both physical and mental) and body positivity. We would love to publish more work by contributors who are queer, trans, disabled or people of colour, to signal boost their perspectives. We love dark fashion, fascinating hobbies and pastimes, how-to guides, listicles and much more. Now read on…

We love personal stuff. If you want to do a photo blog about your favourite wardrobe items or your shrine, that’s great. We love it when people share their discoveries and interests, from cosplay to crafting, from vegan recipes to compiling cryptic crosswords or making Makie dolls. If you want to share your thoughts on faith, spirituality and/or magical practice, from paganism or the occult to atheism, that’s amazing. If you’ve done a DIY fashion shoot, or you’ve gone to an underground event and taken pictures of it, or discovered ten ways to wear that one corset, or want to share a makeup look you’ve invented, we’d love to see it. If you want to give your own personal tips on binding in safety and comfort, yes please. Any personal tips you want to share about health, beauty or the general living of life will make someone’s day.

Reviews and interviews: We love reviews of books, games, comics, music and events. If you can wangle an interview with someone whose work you love, all power to you! See our full guidelines on how to become a reviewer for Mookychick and get glorious books and music while supporting creative women.

Self-care: Thoughts and tips on any aspect of self-care, health and mental health will be gratefully received, and your words will help others out there. If you’ve found a range of online tools or methods to help with anxiety, or you’ve built yourself a self-care reading nook, or you wish to share personal experiences you think a person might benefit from… then thank you. Please bear in mind that we aim to include trigger warnings where appropriate.

Artists: Whether you specialise in digital fan art or esoteric paintings, we’d love to see your work. Visit our #ARThags artist submissions page for more details.

Features and fiction: As you might have guessed, we are pretty flexible. We like how-to guides. We like flash fiction under 500 words for a satisfying quick read. We even like short stories that are exactly 50 words long, not including the title. We are also delighted to receive short stories, up to 2,000 words in length. And our love for poetry has blossomed. Yes, send us your poetry.

Opinion: If you’ve got some thoughts about an issue that’s frustrating you, you are very welcome to send it our way. If it’s a really big issue that needs signal boosting, it’s helpful to include other resources and links to useful people and places so readers can find out more.

Word count: We like thoughtful long reads and sweetly short ones, too. We prefer content to be at least 350 words long, although we’ll understand if it’s mainly photos, not words. We have no upper limit on word count – write until you’ve said what you want to say.

We can only accept original and unpublished work – we can’t publish anything that’s already appeared somewhere else, even if it’s on your blog or Tumblr.

We prefer finished pieces to pitches, although you are very welcome to swing an idea our way before getting down to it. A finished piece means we get a glimpse of the way you write, which is incredibly helpful! When you send in your first piece, please include your preferred author name, paragraph of bio in the third person, a personal link if desired and a profile pic, so we can build you an author page.

If pieces are about queer people and/or people of colour, it is preferable if these pieces are written by queer people and/or people of colour. In a better world it wouldn’t need to be said, but yes, we welcome trans perspectives.

Payment: Currently, all our contributors are unpaid volunteers, as are the editorial team. We will, however, be absolutely thrilled to share your work with our readers and build you an author profile link for your portfolio.

Thank you for making Mookychick happen. You rock.

Mookychick submission FAQs

Can I swear? It’s better if you don’t. It would be nice if this website could be read in schools, and school server filters don’t like swearing quite as much as we do.

Can I write a piece about… Sure! Simply email us and give it a try, we’re happy to have a chat.

Can I send you my poetry? You’re very welcome to send it in.

Can my post be anonymous? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Safety and online privacy matters. You are welcome to publish under whichever name you choose, your real name or a nom-de-plume. You are equally welcome to publish your piece as an Anonimook if you prefer. We are all anonimook.

Does my piece have to be about feminism? We’ll quietly assume that an feminist is something you are, but your piece doesn’t have to be specifically about that unless you want it to be.

Can I write about my own book/project/band? Sure. Happy to help. Ideally you’ll consult your muse to turn it into a personal story or interesting feature, and not merely a press release using words like “incendiary” or “unique”.

I make/sell neat things. Could you promote them? Perhaps. If we like your things we’ll be pleased to help! One way is to contribute a feature like a tutorial or how-to guide that relates to the things you make and sell, and use your author blurb to promote your things. Check out the Mookychick advertising page for more ideas, like hosting mini competitions. We recognise that being a DIY creatrix is tough.

Can I write a marketing thing for your site? Euuurgh. We are willing to consider promoting things which we genuinely think are a good partnership and of genuine interest to readers, but let’s face it, that’s not going to be a building contractors’ service or a dental studio in Minnesota*, okay? If, for whatever reason, your pitch is totally wrong we will thank you for your interest and politely say no – like we always do. And you will continue to send us your commercial pitches – like you always do – and the wheel of life will turn. We understand, we truly do. It’s your job. It’s our job. But please, if you’re representing the most amazing revolutionary dieting cream ever, or indeed a dental studio in Minnesota, please think before you get in touch. *Disclaimer: We have never been contacted by a dental studio in Minnesota. This is just an example. We’re not even going to talk about the inappropriate nature of some of the services who’ve been in touch.