Mind & Body

transcendent moon

Transcendent Space: Spirit, Science and the Cosmos

soba linguine tofu recipe

Soba Linguine with Tofu & Spring Greens Recipe

mental health water

Mental Health And Its Fluid Relationship With Water…

theistic satanism

Reflections On My Path In Theistic Satanism


Disability and weight – when anxiety and body image merge, much like my thighs…

stars astrology night sky

Ways to follow the stars and constellations more closely in your daily life

anxiety panic attack ME mean reds

Panic Attacks, Holly Golightly’s Mean Reds and M.E.

A Witch's Wardrobe: 6 Favourite Healing Crystal Jewellery Items From My Collection

A Witch’s Wardrobe: 6 Favourite Healing Crystal Jewellery Items From My Collection

recognising depression in yourself

Recognising depression in yourself and others is easier said than done

professional tarot reading

How to Become a Professional Tarot Reader – Advice From The Pros

chronic pain moxie

Managing Chronic Pain Can Be Dark. So I Make My Own Light.

outdoor meditation space

6 Soothing Ways To Create An Outdoor Meditation Space

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This section is all about women’s health and mental health. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Practise self-care as well as you can. Feel the righteous body positivity. Forget body standards. Give your mind all the love.

To be honest, the advice, experiences and opinion pieces you’ll find in Women’s Health are likely to be of interest to people of all genders (like our vegan and vegetarian recipes, for example). You’ll find lots in this section about spirituality, too. And we have no barriers when it comes to exploring faith in your own way. Paganism and witchcraft, Islam and Christianity, atheism… it’s about finding your own path. Maybe what matters most is what you personally need and love. Whatever it is, it makes you grow and feel part of something very special. Life.

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