Tarot Horoscopes – July 2020

Tarot Horoscopes - July 2020

Welcome to your July reading! It’s a little hard to believe we’re already past the summer solstice, and I can’t quite decide if time feels like it’s moving too fast or too slow. Either way, I hope this reading can offer some support as we move forward together.

Hub – Four of Pentacles

This month is about building and maintaining security, with a particular emphasis on conservation.  Whether you’ve just attained a victory or you see one on the horizon, this is the time to guard your resources.  That’s not to say you should become a miser – if you find your fortunes improved, consider inviting others to the table too.


Aries – Three of Wands

If there is one thing this card and Aries have in common, it is drive – the will to succeed.  Channel that fearless energy, and don’t be discouraged by the obstacles in your way – rather, consider them a challenge to conquer.  Your reward is waiting.


Taurus – Seven of Cups

You are approaching a crossroads.  Your choices could lead you to an oasis, or leave you lost in shifting sands.  Mirages may tempt you off your course, but don’t lose hope – Taurus is a sign of stability.  Trust in your foundations and stay the course.


Gemini – Five of Pentacles

You’ve worked hard to get where you are.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but take care.  Self-satisfaction may alienate you from the people around you, and now is not the time to let smugness cloud the relationships that Gemini values so dearly.


Cancer – Ace of Swords

One of the things that defines Cancer is their devotion to their home and loved ones.  Although you may find this source of stability threatened, you hold the strength and the tools to protect what’s yours.  Wield this power wisely – swords cut both ways.


Leo – Knight of Pentacles

Leo is a natural leader, and like any good lion they are driven to protect their pride.  Helping those around you may help you find security as well.  Still, caring for others is difficult and sometimes thankless work, so don’t neglect yourself in the process.


Virgo – The Magician

This card is all about willpower.  Utilize the intuitive and analytical powers of Virgo to manifest your dreams into reality.  As you do, remember to balance this drive with clarity of purpose.  If your intentions are muddled, so will be your results.


Libra – Five of Cups

Like Libras themselves, this card speaks of balance – it tells us that even in the face of loss, healing and peace can still be found.  Face the darkness in your path, give yourself compassion, and you’ll be able to move on to a brighter future.


Scorpio – The Hierophant

As one of the more intense and determined signs, Scorpio may be adversely affected by the Hierophant’s somewhat rigid nature.  Remember, there are many paths to prosperity.  Don’t be afraid to rethink your approach if it is not serving your needs.


Sagittarius – The Hanged Man

Sometimes moving forwards means accepting a retreat.  This may be hard for Sagittarius to accept, but now is not the time to let your impatience get the better of you.  These setbacks won’t last forever – focus on your goals and keep fighting.


Capricorn – Nine of Pentacles

Capricorn’s patience, determination, and discipline are the hallmarks of success and all its subsequent rewards.  You have the power to bring your ambitions to life – just don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy the progress you’ve already made.


Aquarius – Knight of Wands

This card’s adventurous spirit and Aquarius’ ingenuity is a potent combination.

Let this passion drive you toward your goals, but take care to keep yourself centered.  Don’t let ambition cloud your judgement, or frustration turn you to anger.


Pisces – The Hermit

It’s easy for Pisces to get lost in their own head – add the introspective Hermit to the mix and that danger only increases.  Don’t cut yourself off from the things that ground you – you need that stability if you are to bring your dreams to life.