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horror for fans who hate scary movies

5 Delightfully Dark Alternatives for Horror Fans Who Hate Scary Movies

crysanthemum poem

Crysanthemum – Poem by Kristin Garth

new year inspiration

Ways to Find Internal Balance When You Start The Year Feeling Blue


A Super Blue Blood Moon Will Grace Us in January 2018. Are You Ready?

New Year champagne girl

Three New Year Poems By Women: The Cusp Of Old And New

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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Could Make A Difference (But Don’t Worry If You Break Them)

trans colombia

Trans Life in Colombia – Beautiful Princesses of the Night

witchcraft 2017

How Did Witchcraft Empower Women in 2017?

what to do in a power cut

What to do in a power cut – personal tips for survival and boredom

no makeup challenge nomuchallenge

No Makeup Challenge – Buy No Makeup For a Year. Get Creative With What You Have!

career destroyed mental health

How My Career Destroyed My Mental Health (and Made Me Stronger)

the secret history donna tartt

10 Books Like The Secret History by Donna Tartt To Curl Up With At Night

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