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beltane may tree decorations

May Tree Decoration – Create a Wishing Tree for Beltane

middle ages myths plague

5 Popular Myths about the Middle Ages – It Wasn’t All Misery and Misogyny

mary sims

God’s gum wrapper has a fortune on it & I wonder if he’s the one who wrote it

outside spring sonnet

Outside – A Poem By Kristin Garth


The Philipines Saddled With Prez Who Keeps Making Rape Jokes

satanic feminist baphomet

Why I Am A Satanic Feminist

poetry chapbook the silhouette woman

Poetry Chapbook – The Silhouette Woman by Christine Stoddard

adult ballet classes

Adult Ballet Classes Are A Thing. And Surprisingly Body Positive!

christian witch

From Bible Belt to Beltane – Figuring Out My Path As A Christian Witch

racist sixties britain

The Colourlessness of Clarity: A Vision Of Racial Acceptance


ARXX Daughters of Daughters EP – Garage Rock Goes Bold

soho vegan market

New Soho Vegan Market Comes to London in April 2018

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