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#ARTHAGS: Harley Claes, founding editor of Angelical Ravings

#ARTHAGS: Harley Claes, founding editor of Angelical Ravings

fire goddess

The Fire Goddess – A Short Story by Constance Woodring

holiday anxiety

What It’s Like to Deal with Social Anxiety During the Holidays

Bonnie Raitt

The Transformative Power of Lyrics – And Emotionally Resonating Favourites from 2018

new year customs 2019

Mookychick Community’s New Year Survey Results Are In!

how to become a god poem

How to Become a God – Poem by Harley Claes


Fat Women Don’t Owe You Shit.


Vegan Vasilopita – A Sweet Recipe With Links to Greek Myth And Ancient Meat-Free Festivals

honey woman

Honey Woman – A Poem by Lilly Kujawski

Hygge Poetry: Grandmother's Cuppa by Juliette van der Molen

Hygge Poetry: Grandmother’s Cuppa by Juliette van der Molen

opiod crackdown patients suffer

How the US Opioid Epidemic Puts Pain Patients At Risk – and How the UK’s NHS Is Doing Things Right

criticism mental health strength

Ways To Take Criticism While Dealing With Mental Health Struggles

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