What type of witch are you based on your Zodiac sign?

zodiac witch archetypes

Witchcraft and zodiac signs – what witchy archetype are you?

Click one of the six images below to discover what kind of witch you are according to your star sign. Each star sign has their own witchy archetype!

zodiac witch type scorpio capricorn

Traditional Witch

  • Scorpio – dark
  • Capricorn – light

zodiac witch type pisces libra

Pastel Witch

  • Pisces – floral
  • Libra – pastry

zodiac witch type aries leo

Fire Witch

  • Aries – wildfire
  • Leo – lava

zodiac witch type taurus virgo

Plant Witch

  • Taurus – garden
  • Virgo – succulent

zodiac witch archetypes for gemini and sagittarius

Space Witch

  • Gemini – nebula
  • Sagittarius – deep space

zodiac witch types for aquarius and cancer

Sea Witch

  • Aquarius – shallow sea
  • Cancer – deep sea

These Zodiac Witch Archetypes are Tools for Your Journey, Not a Set of Rules

A witch no longer spends their life stirring bubbling cauldrons while crow familiars roost in a spooky cottage in the woods. Since the rise of modern witchcraft, paganism, and Wicca, naturally more and more strains of witchery have spread out from that one single archetype of a cackling dame with a black dress, long hair, and pointed hat. Although it does do the heart good to cackle.

For some people, knowing their niche might come as easily to them as breathing air. For others, knowing exactly where to focus their energies is something of a science in itself, with trial and experimentation galore.

One thing to consider on your journey to finding the perfect family niche: Where do you lie on the spectrum of the zodiac? Each member demonstrates their own personality types, their own likes and dislikes, their own quirks — so why can’t those quirks shine a light in a way that might best suit your magic?

No one knows your own fate as well as you do. I cannot make a list of “Which Witch Are You?” archetypes based on zodiac signs and promise everything I say is true. So take my words with a grain of salt, allow my words to be a starting point, and expand yourself from there.

zodiac witch type scorpio capricorn

There is still truth to the notion of “traditional” witches in today’s society. Black cats, black clothes, making and using ouija boards, and spirit writing. These witches work their murk in the occult, whether through practice, or perhaps in the way they present themselves. Dark and light, yin and yang, push and pull — both complement one another, neither better nor worse.


“Dark” does not equate to evil or wicked. A dark witch might simply be more open to delving into some of the dangerous facets that come along with common dabbling.

The dark magic of a traditional Scorpio Witch

Communing with the dead to offer them proxy into the land of the living, Dark Witches have an innate control over their emotions. This allows them to better control their situations and surroundings, particularly when it comes to some potentially upsetting spirits. They may be drawn to the atmosphere of cemeteries, perhaps to gather graveyard dirt for their rituals.

As a water sign, Scorpios are able to better govern the external spirits around them, as well as easily touch those who are still alive. With a magnetic personality and an aura a person can naturally trust, they’re ideally suited for creating bonds between this world and the next.

Scorpios are likely intrigued by the history of not only their own witchy lifestyle, but also that of anyone else they come across. Getting to know someone through their history, learning of their family lineage, of their childhood, of their home country and culture, a Scorpio is able to not only relate to the person better, but also create a tighter spiritual bond. They may conduct magical work with their ancestors by holding dinners for the dead – and may venerate the ancestors of people outside their family tree.

Scorpio witch fashion

A Scorpio’s wardrobe most likely consists of what one might find in searching “witch” on pinterest: black knee-length dresses, layered cardigans, laced black heels and boots. It doesn’t matter exactly what they wear, because even in a potato sack, Scorpios are lauded for their beauty and confidence.

Scorpio witches at home

In their home decor, Scorpios might surround themselves with candles, tapestries, crystals, herbs, books on tarot and astrology — everything one might find spread out throughout the world of witches all together. Scropio witches are most likely to have vintage photos and other memorabilia of family members or strangers, whether framed on the wall or in a collection of albums on the mantle. Maintaining a connection to the spirit world, whether of the living or the dead, is one of the Dark Witch’s main talents and ideals.

zodiac witch type capricorn light

While light and dark may seem like complete opposites, the truth is that Scorpio and Capricorn are highly compatible with one another — at least, in a few ways.

The light magic of a traditional Capricorn witch

Similar to Scorpio and their darker tendencies, a Capricorn’s lifestyle choice revolves around being connected with the spirit world — though perhaps less with meddling in the affairs of potentially problematic spirits, and more so in grounding themselves in the earth through communication with people and animals already passed on.

Capricorns are known to be more careful and thoughtful than their dark counterparts, meaning they’re less reckless when it comes to using objects like ouija boards and scrying. On top of being more cautious, Capricorns also show more discipline in their work, meaning they tend to be in better control of their lives through the spirits in comparison to Scorpios — no matter how hard Scorpios try to defend themselves. While Scorpios throw their spiritual efforts around in sporadic ways for anyone to latch on to, Capricorns are more focused on a singular god and goal, or a group of deities in which to offer their respects.

As an earth sign, Capricorns find their universal grounding by seeking regularity and consistency in their everyday lives. When something comes up in uncertainty, their first thought might be to turn to a tarot reading for a little bit of insight — but they know to take tarot readings as they come, and not as a life plan. Rather than seeking complete answers, they use tarot only for guidance, for suggestions on what their next moves should be.

Capricorn witch fashion

In the way they dress, many Capricorns may prefer to follow the route of their dark sisters and clothe themselves in mostly modest, black clothing, though they may avoid the extra gaudiness of excessive layers that, in their minds, appear more slouchy than collected.

Capricorn witches at home

The way they decorate their living spaces might be similar to Scorpio in a lot of ways, as well — though certainly much more organized. Everything has its place, crystals that do not need to mix will not mix, candles are always stacked on trays, herbs are not allowed to spill their leaves across the kitchen floor.

Despite their level of compatibility, a Dark Witch Scorpio and a Light Witch Capricorn as roommates might result in only sitcom-levels of drama, more than a real friendship. So sign your lease with caution.

zodiac witch archetypes pisces libra

Pastel is a fairly broad term when it comes to describing Pisces and Libras’ ideal archetypes, but the image of pastels brings to mind a number of different personality traits that surely fit with them: compassionate, intuitive, calm, and gentle.


As a water sign, Pisces are known for their imagination and creativity. While also compatible with Scorpio, they are less involved with communing with the dead as they are simply finding their place in the universe, and extending the same opportunities to those around them.

The floral magic of a pastel Pisces Witch

The daily focus and goals of a Pastel Witch revolve around finding inner peace that comes from creating and expressing themselves, while simultaneously seeking ways to offer the same levels of peace to anyone else in their lives they cross paths with.

While not all Pisces are artists in the traditional drawing and painting sense, they show their creativity in different ways. Whether it be through blogging, home decor, date ideas with friends, or simply the way they dress themselves, outsiders will always be able to tell when a Pisces is really honing in on their spiritual energy.

The floral descriptor perfectly fits Pisces in this way, as like wildflowers on the side of a mountain, Pisces are good at finding a home, even in areas where it might not be ideal. They flourish with others who are different, and easily mesh with everyone around them, whether or not they share the same ideals. Pisces are highly adept at relating to everyone around them, and as such they tend to be more sensitive to aural colors and reading a person’s mood and overall state of being.

Pisces are also more likely to depend on dream interpretation and even lucid dreaming to offer clues into their everyday lives, as they may sometimes question their own ideas or solutions to difficult problems.

Pisces witches at home

Because of their sensitive nature, a Pisces might require more self-care than other star signs. Their homes to be full of fresh cut flowers, incense, and crystals that specifically align with their own personal needs. Crystals of choice tend to revolve around rose quartz and celestite, both for their healing and peace-bringing abilities.

zodiac witch type libra

Similar to Pisces in the way they use their magic to uplift the moods of others, Libras succeed best when their work is toward not only healing, sometimes via healing spells, but also in mending relationships and diffusing arguments — whether between they themselves and someone else, or between two outside forces. The arguments do not solely have to exist between two people, either, as Libras are also incredibly talented at calming a person’s internal monologue, silencing any violent thoughts that may be raging.

The pastry magic of a pastel Libra Witch

Known as one of the most diplomatic signs of the zodiac, Libras are proficient in finding the truth in a situation, as well as helping others come to an agreement. Because of their charming and easygoing personalities, outsiders and external forces flock to them seeking advice and guidance. Libra Witches are likely to know how to approach confrontation like an adult.

Because of this, Libras tend to utilize the magic of meditative tarot readings potentially more than most signs, as simply working on their own intuition would eventually exhaust them and their spirit. Through tarot readings, whether personal or for the sake of someone else, Libras are able to come to helpful conclusions to soothe the pain in someone’s life, and offer proper advice and guidance to help them reach peace.

Similarly to how cupcakes and other treats are often used as peace offerings, a Libra’s words work in the same manner. But since Libras also often find themselves in the middle of healing an argument, they equally find themselves slaving over a hot stove in the baking of goodies. Although, in the same sense, Libras may find themselves to be a little overindulgent, whether that be in the pastries they bake or in other wordly ventures.

Libra Witch Fashion

Because of their otherwise laid-back attitudes, Libras are most likely to dress in clothes that suit their needed levels of comfort over fashion — but in the same sense, are also more likely to dress as splendidly as they please without a worry about what others around them think. Libras are the pool-goers with the gaudiest inflatables, sipping margaritas and soaking up the sun, while Scorpios and Capricorns hide under beach umbrellas back off to the side.

zodiac witch type aries leo

While known more for their fiery tendencies and personalities, it’s not to be forgotten that, all in all, Aries and Leos have a close connection with the earth as a whole. Most likely to be hiking on weekends with big dogs and tanned skin, fire signs connect to the energies of the earth more than any other.

zodiac witch type aries

Passionate and bold, Aries are the wildfires of the earth signs. Not only does their magic and spirit revolving around the turning of the earth and its seasons, but it rises and falls with them.

The wildfire magic of a fiery Aries Witch

Despite being an incredibly charismatic and sociable sign, when it comes to magic, an Aries tends to be a little more closed off, or at least, a little more private about their lifestyle. Aries prefer to spend their time meditating alone in the woods at the base of a mountain, or warmed by the flames of a campfire, with a canine friend snoozing at their feet. When they are joined by others, it’s people they can trust with their lives, who they feel a strong spiritual connection with.

Aries are likely to spend most of their time away from home, either socializing with friends or somewhere in nature. While they prefer mountain forests over other landscapes, anything that removes them from busy city life is enough to quell their nerves and anchor them back to earth and into their spirits.

Their magic is based in meditation and the ability to clear their minds better than many other signs, allowing for a rise in spiritual sensitivities and an unbeatable ability to connect with nature. With this comes their confidence and know-it-all attitude, and sometimes overbearing willingness to offer advice and opinions, even to those who didn’t know they wanted it. Aries are more likely to carry personal totems of protection and guidance, as well as portable altars that they can erect at the top of a mountain, or the base of a valley.

Aries witches and people

While their daredevil attitudes allow them insights into the earth and her beautiful scenery, in the world of humans and social circles, the same attitude might be a turnoff to some more reserved, closed-off types of friends. Luckily, thanks to their charismatic charm and overall ability to sense the vibrations of a room, it’s never long before any Aries-naysayer is soon cuddled up next to them.

Aries witch fashion

A Wildfire Witch’s wardrobe consists mostly of ripped jeans and flannels while out in the embrace of nature, but when surrounded by friends or coworkers, their clothing tends to be a little more accessorized. Similarly to how Libras feel no worry about another’s opinion, an Aries has the confidence of a peacock and will do just about anything they want without worry of getting weird looks — and to this point, can even be considered a little selfish and compulsive.

Aries witches at home

Because of this, many Aries may prefer to live in a tiny house in the woods, or at least haul a camper/trailer around with them on weekends, constantly on the lookout for new sights to see and new places to explore and soak up the energy of. In another sense, some Aries may have a difficult time settling down in one place, meaning they’re constantly seeking out new cities and new homes to move away to. All decorations in their home are probably either portable, or at least easily removable.

zodiac witch type leo lava

Possibly a regular companion to a Wildfire Witch on her weekly excursions into the wilderness, Leos are more akin to fiery lava than raging fires.

The lava magic of a fiery Leo witch

Less flighty than Leos when the sun is out and the mountains are calling, Leos are able to find their earthly grounding almost anywhere they stand, whether that be on a cliff edge or the sidewalk outside their front door.

Because of their ability to anchor themselves wherever they stand, they may not feel the same call of the wild as Aries, but Leos still crave a constant attachment and the embrace of nature and nature’s fresh energies.

Leos realize their need for nature by bringing into their homes and workplaces, utilizing natural elements anywhere they can, and in any way they can. While Aries prefer to leave nature where it is as to not disturb the energies there, Leos are more likely to pick up fallen pinecones, weave pine needles and twigs into crowns, and carry a LOMO camera on their hip at all times in case the perfect landscape shot comes along.

Leos prefer uncut gemstones to their polished cousins, and can easily spot natural geodes from rock formations on the side of a hill.

Leo witches and people

While equally as bold and confident as their fellow fire-signs, Leos tend to also be more reserved in their emotions and their environments. Because of this, their capacity to love others is on par with Pisces and Libras, though theirs tends to be more controlled and involving specific people, rather than spread freely throughout the world.

Leos are incredibly loyal to their friends as family, as their lioness heritage suggests. They also tend to be more mature than Aries in a number of different ways, including keeping their promises and prior engagements.

Leo witches at home

Because Leos don’t live half of their lives away from home like their Aries counterpart, their home decor revolves around plenty of landscape photography, open flames in the form of candles or a fireplace, open windows, homemade essential oils from flowers and other aromatic plants, and burning natural incense like sage.

Leos are the witches who offer teas and other herbal drinks the moment guests arrive in their home, or who can suggest a combination of leaves for any ailment, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

zodiac which types for taurus and virgo

Not to be confused with their earthy cousins Aries and Leo, Plant Witches have their own role in natural witch niches. Perhaps more than any other signs, they are attuned to the art of cleansing and lifting heavy, negative energies both from a person’s home and from their mind.

zodiac witch type taurus

Compatible with Pisces and Capricorns, Taurus as an earth sign signals a witch’s determination to succeed in difficult situations and surroundings, with a persistence that rivals all others.

The garden magic of a plant-attuned Taurus Witch

Witches born under the zodiac sign of Taurus have a talent for cultivating an outdoor garden of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers — anything that requires a gentle and loving touch, or even a harsh and tenacious one when necessary.

With enough experience to fill a book, Tauruses are most familiar with cunning fairy tactics than any other witch and sign. Whether that be misplaced gardening tools, uprooted vegetables, or bouncing leaves on the raspberry bush, Tauruses who slave over their crops will likely have more than one story than can only be explained through fairy intervention.

Because of this, a Garden Witch’s backyard might be filled with peace offerings (possibly supplied by a helpful Kitchen Witch Libra), small designated areas for fairies to play and rest, and an overall impeccable presentation so that the fairies have no reason to mess it up, anyway — assuming they don’t just become jealous instead. Because we all know how jealous fairies can get.

Taurus witches and people

Because of a Taurus’ control over not only their own life and the lives of their garden plants, they excel in healthy and communicative relationships, both with friends and family, and in their own personal lives concerning their self-esteem and body image. Of course, not every day is easy — some days, when it rains, it pours. But because of a Taurus’ natural perseverance, torrential rain only makes them stronger.

Taurus Witch style

Garden Witches like these likely dress in comfortable clothes they’re happy to get dirty and constantly find themselves brushing smudges of mud off their faces. Armed with ripped jeans, boots, and a floppy sunhat, their only other accessories tend to be worn-out gardener’s gloves and a gardening spade. All of it comes together to create the perfect landscape necessary for a successful and plentiful harvest — but for more than the beauty of the vegetables growing, Tauruses keep their plots of ground organized to appease the garden fairies that might otherwise wreak havoc.

Remember, Taurii — fey folk flee from iron, so consider trading your metal gardening spade for a wooden one, just in case.

zodiac witch type virgo

Compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer, Virgos are known primarily for their sweet spirit and shy countenance. Also recognized for their practicality, Virgos make incredible mothers to smaller indoor plants that require more attention and affection, plants such as cacti, succulents, bamboo, peace lilies, etc.

The succulent magic of a plant-attuned Virgo

With their homes filled to the brim with colourful plants, cleansing the air and using their leaves to catch and dispose of negative energies, Virgos are able to easily cultivate their welcoming and pleasant attitudes towards outside forces, both positive and negative. By surrounding themselves with indoor plants known to cleanse the home and the spirit, Virgos are less likely to suffer from negative attachments and energies.

Virgo witch fashion

While many Virgos may embrace their shyness and dress accordingly with muted colours and modest fabrics, others might rebel and choose outfits a little louder, both in colour and in pattern, as well as being varied in their choice of accessories. Virgos are also more likely to dye their hair pink, or a sweet pastel or similar colour, wanting to help themselves stand out — but not too much.

Virgo witches and people

While their reserved practicality is good for nurturing plants, Virgos also tend to be more critical of themselves and others, when either does not live up to their expectations. Based in perfectionism, should something planned go awry, a Virgo’s first instinct may be to blame herself rather than taking a step back and taking a glance at the entire situation, meaning this Succulent Witch might struggle with things like anxiety and depression more than any other sign.

With feelings of inadequacy and imperfection, a Virgo’s biggest enemy is herself, and her own negative vibes. Similar to Pisces, Virgos might horde rose quartz, as well as agate and tourmaline to help counteract her negative emotions — coupled with the peaceful and cleansing qualities of her plants, she has quite the army at her back.

With all that she offers, a Succulent Witch deserves none of the stress she brings upon herself — except when it’s time to move, and she has to figure out how to pack up all of her plant children.

zodiac witch archetypes for gemini and sagittarius

Space/Galaxy Witch may be a new idea for a number of practising witches out there, but the truth is, there’s more to spiritual connections than those felt through other people and the earth beneath our feet. Energy extends far past the upper atmosphere, where time isn’t linear and veils are thinned.

zodiac witch types gemini

Lively and energetic, Geminis connect with the spirit of colourful star nebulae adrift in the cosmos. With the talent of extending themselves past expectations and restrictive borders, these Nebula Witches excel at over-achieving and thinking outside the box, dreaming up solutions in some of the most imaginative ways possible.

The nebula magic of a Gemini space Witch

Because of their ability to extend their spirits far past their bodies, Geminis may find it easier to roam at night while they sleep, not only through lucid dreaming, but also via astral projection. Similar to Pisces, Geminis are also pros at reading and understanding a person’s auras, even those they may not be personally familiar with.

Gemini Witch Fashion

Because Nebula Witches have a tendency to dress in bright, dynamic colours and outfits to match their equally lively and colourful personalities.

Gemini witches and people

Not only does a Gemini Witch’s ability to understand a person’s auras allow them to better connect with friends and strangers, but under the constellation of the Gemini Twins, Nebula Witches are also able to relate completely and fully with others around them. Whether through listening and understanding a person’s history, through feeling their energy and empathizing, or simply knowing when someone needs a pat on the back, Geminis are incredibly adept at sensing and acting upon the feelings of a friend in need.

Occasionally Geminis might come off as superficial to strangers who don’t know how to handle their charisma and positive energies. As such, Geminis may often feel isolated from making new friends, fearing of how others might perceive them, and as such, tend to keep their already-established friend circle close and tight-knit.

Because of their emotional attunement into others’ lives, Geminis are prone to losing sight of themselves and their own goals. This means they can easily slip into times of anxiety and doubt.

Rather than allowing themselves to hide their natural gifts, however, Geminis should avoid anxiety where they can by performing self-cleansing rituals and always keeping a supportive totem or crystal nearby, just in case.

zodiac witch type sagittarius

Curious and energetic, the Deep Space Witch differs from Nebula Witches in a few different ways, the main being: while Geminis tend to focus their energies in reading others, Sagittariuses prefer to keep to themselves in their exploration and projections.

The deep space magic of a Sagittarius space witch

Gemini Witches are similar to Aries in that they are certainly social butterflies, charismatic and friendly to everyone they meet. However, when it comes to spirituality, they can be a little more reserved.

Known especially for their curiosity, a Sagittarius wants nothing more than the opportunity to extend their spirit past earthly bonds and into the mysteries of space, particularly those left unexplored by other humans. She wishes for unrestrained adventure and, most importantly, new knowledge and experiences.

Because of their spiritual relationship with the deepest points in space, a Sagittarius’ spiritual mind is more open to outside messages, meaning they demonstrate clairvoyant tendencies. Knowing things before they’re spoken, sensing events before they happen, burdened with messages from spirits passed on and wishing to communicate with a member of the living, Sagittariuses welcome all insight available, even those provided by means outside of her own body.

Deep Space Witches are more likely than others to participate in things like ghost hunts and contacting the dead, probably side by side with Dark Witch Scorpios. Because of their aggressive thirst for knowledge, they’re also more likely to believe in things others might find silly, such as cryptids, UFOs, fairies that steal gardening tools, and the like — but never before doing their own research, and coming to their own conclusions.

Also similar to a Dark Witch Scorpio, because of a Sagittarius’s passion for finding the truth, they may come off as compulsive, and often find themselves in situations that could have been easily avoided if they’d only stopped for a moment to think about the consequences. While their Scorpio BFFs would rather research a spirit voice coming through the Ouija board before continuing, Sagittarii might already be grasping the planchet and diving in nose-first.

Sagittarius witch fashion and home

That occasional hint of reservation includes the way a Deep Space Witch dresses themself and how they decorate their living space. They are likely to choose darker and more consistent colours, utilizing more unique methods of lighting to inspire a subdued light rather than that from the ceiling, which may just be a little too harsh. Alternatively, they might go for strong deep colours rather than pastels. Yes, they might be persuaded to throw a black light party.

zodiac witch types for aquarius and cancer

Differing from general water witches, a Sea Witch’s personality mirrors that place which she hails from. Whether from the cold, withdrawn depths, or the unpredictable waves of the shallows, a sea witch’s power stems from her emotions, and in turn, her spirit.

zodiac witch archetype aquarius

Considered one of the friendliest of the signs, a Shallow Sea Witch Aquarius follows that ideal to a tee. Similarly to the way a Leo might offer a hot drink to a visitor, Aquarii offer not only tea, but coffee, milk, soda, treats, entire meals — all to ensure their guests are well taken care of, even after they head back home. With a particularly fastidious loyalty to their closest friends, Aquarii would drop everything and run to a friend’s aid in an emergency.

The shallow sea magic of an Aquarius Witch

Because of their naturally friendly nature, Aquarii tend to find themselves not only surrounded by people seeking their good energy, but by spirits seeking the same, as well. Though she rarely summons them on her own, a Shallow Sea Witch often spends time communicating with new energies in her home and her daily life, usually those who may be lost and seeking a helpful hand in getting back on the right track. Shallow Sea Witches rarely perform tarot readings for themselves, preferring to use their skills for the sake of others, particularly those who purposefully seek her guidance.

Despite being an air sign, Aquarii mirror the personality of ocean waves crashing on the beach. Oh, those waves are normally perceived as safe and welcoming — but they can quickly turn and become unreliable, and even possibly dangerous. It only takes one storm to send things over the edge.

Aquarius witches and people

Because they can devote so much time and energy to singular friends and family members, oftentimes they come across as detached and withdrawn when out with others. Despite always being positive and a pleasure to be around, they might not be the best conversationalists when in an unfamiliar environment, or when surrounded by strangers. Unless properly urged, Aquarii might prefer to spend a night out on the sidelines with someone they already know, rather than being in the thick of it meeting new faces.

Aquarius witches at home

Prone to collecting indoor plants like a Succulent Witch, Aquarii also focus their creative energies on unorthodox home decor, including moss balls housed in fish bowls, and crystals submerged in water to better radiate their vibrations. Colour palettes can range from anywhere between black and colorful pastel, though they tend to choose one style and stick to it — at least before a shake up is in order, usually following a big life change or emotional upheaval.

zodiac witch type cancer

Perhaps the most emotional of all the zodiac signs, Cancers are known for holding themselves back — before emerging all at once, entirely. When a Cancer learns to love someone, romantically or platonically, it’s for life. Despite this, at the beginning of relationships Cancers tend to be more cautious, as if hidden away in their own deep sea trench.

The deep sea magic of a Cancer witch

Sensitive and occasionally trustworthy of the wrong people, Cancers learn how to read the people around them, and are incredibly sensitive to energies. Because of their innate self-preservation, a Cancer might be able to read a person’s true intentions with only a look, and if not that, then after only a few meetings. This bleeds into their fashion choices, Deep Sea Witches tending to wear dark, muted colors, as to not invite any unnecessary excitement into their lives.

Because of this skill, similar to Sagittariuses, Cancers are prone to develop psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and even animal communication, to some degree. Cancers are more likely to remain connected to family pets that may have passed on to the next life, and as such, find death and dying to be more of a gentle transition rather than an ending. Because of this outlook, Cancers are the perfect witches to have around in a time of grief and mourning, as their friendly and trustworthy countenance allows for healing and peace.

Because Cancers prefer to know a person’s true intentions before involving themselves too much in a relationships, these Deep Sea Witches are also more likely to participate in rituals involving visual sigils that allow them to more purposefully harness their intentions, as well as to better avoid any accidental oversights. Deep Sea Witches are also more likely to confer with gods and avatars created from their own minds, as spirits they know they can trust without question.

Cancer witches and people

Deep Sea Witches thrive while alone, but also when bonded with lifelong companions. Unfortunately, because of their unyielding loyalty, heartbreak can render a Deep Sea Witch depressed and withdrawn, disappearing into her cave until she feels safe again to emerge, physically or emotionally.

Final thoughts on Magic, the Zodiac and Witch Archetypes

Magic and the zodiac, while forms of science in themselves, are not to be dealt with in terms of certainties. Just as some crystals and geodes might offer a witch different vibrations and emotional effects, and tarot readings do not always answer the question being asked in the moment, zodiac signs and ‘personality promises’ are to be taken with grains of salt. They can offer insight into your world, and into the future you seek. Nevertheless, they change with the movement of time, and the future is never set in stone.

Just as you would choose a deity, personal totem, or a familiar to guide you through this life, the same can be said for whichever witchy aesthetic niche your zodiac sign files you under.

After all, objects and ideas only receive the power you give them – so choose what’s meant only for you.

All art © Kelsey (Nico) Morgan, 2017. You can find more of her stuff on Instagram and Twitter!