UK Feminism

Ada Lovelace Wikipedia Editathon

Join the Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia Editathon with Ada, the National College for Digital Skills

Piers Morgan is wrong about transgender athletes

Piers Morgan is wrong about transgender athletes

empowering pin badge

The History of the Humble Pin: holding the world together whilst we tear it apart.


Fat Women Don’t Owe You Shit.

middle ages spinster

Since the Middle Ages, spinster has been used to insult women who control their destinies

bikini hair removal history

For over 800 years, women have been told what to do with their pubic hair…

feminist events uk

UK Feminist Events in 2018

ethical feminist t-shirts

These Ethical Feminist T-Shirts Are Fun and Fierce AF

matriarchal societies

I Searched For The Places On Earth Where Women Rule Most


The Philipines Saddled With Prez Who Keeps Making Rape Jokes

feminism misconceptions

5 Misconceptions That Make People Forget Feminism Is A Force For Good

feminist ok to go clubbing

Why You Can Be A Feminist And Still Go Clubbing

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