Your Fiction

dream boy cat

The Dream of the Boy-Turned-Cat – Poem by Amy Alexander

Kate Spade Wallet

Kate Spade Wallet – A Poem by Kristin Garth

little monsters

Little Monsters – Flash Fiction by Claire L. Smith

penelope bisexual boarding school romance

Penelope – Poetry by Kristin Garth

the girl in the shop mirror

The Girl in The Shop Mirror & Dissociative Disorder – by Pixie Dreadful

mary sims

God’s gum wrapper has a fortune on it & I wonder if he’s the one who wrote it

outside spring sonnet

Outside – A Poem By Kristin Garth

ragdoll poem

Poetry Cave – Ragdoll by Kristin Garth

glass jar poetry

The Glass Jar – Poetry by Constance Woodring

poem thirteen

You’re Thirteen – Poetry by C Evans Mylonas

short story castle

On Never Going Back – A Short Story by Jill Culiner

water demon poem

Poetry Cave – Water Demon

Send us in your flash fiction, short stories, comic strips and poems. If you or a friend want to illustrate them, that’s great too! Get writing and share what ya got with the other mooks – just email editor AT or check our ‘Write for Us’ page!