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“Feminism for all sums up the entire ethos of Mookychick”For Books’ Sake

“I’ve been a fan of Mookychick for years”Jane Goldman

Mookychick is a passion project done for the love, not the money. And that passion has kept us strong since Mookychick’s inception in 2005. This alternative feminist site and community has been far, far more than the sum of its parts – thanks to over 600 contributors who have made it what it is today.

Our patron saints are Kate Bush, Frida Kahlo, Marie Laveau, Ada Lovelace, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gina Torres, Helena Bonham Carter, Jeanne d’Arc, Marie Curie, Leonora Carrington, Doctor Who and St. Hildegard of Bingen. Mookychick is like water – babbling, tranquil, charged, unquiet, delicate, ferocious, restorative and deep. Its spirit is both flowers and owls. We are a watering hole where all come to drink, with a focus on meaningful empowerment and sex, body and mind positivity in every aspect of alternative culture.

Meet Our Editors

Co-founding EIC Magda Knight

m knight

Delights: Subculture, oddities and whatever your own passion is.
Twitter: @MagdaKnight

Mookychick’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Magda Knight is a genre-bending writer featured in anthologies, publications and the iconic comic 2000AD. Her debut game Dolores and the Cave won an award, so apparently she can now legitimately call herself an award-winning indie games writer too. Her YA novels have been longlisted for the Mslexia Children’s Book Awards in 2012 and the Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize in 2016. She loves coffee, perfume, attics and anything with a noon shadow.

Juliette van der Molen

J van der Molen square

Role: Poetry Editor
Delights: Poetry

Poetry Editor Juliette van der Molen is an author and artist living in Wales. She is an intersectional feminist and a member of the LGBTQIA community. Her work has appeared in several publications both online and in print. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of The Net. She has also been shortlisted for Best Reviewer in Literature by Saboteur Awards. She is the author of three poetry books: Death Library, Mother, May I? and Anatomy of A Dress. Her forthcoming book- Confess: The Untold Story of Dorothy Good will be published by TwistiT Press, October 2020.

Kate Garrett

K Garrett square

Role: Magical Editor
Delights: Witchcraft, folklore, myth, mysticism, occult, divination, spirituality, and related subjects

Magical Editor Kate Garrett is a queer, autistic Shropshire-based writer with everyday witchy ways and a horror obsession. Her poetry is widely published, and she is the author of several pamphlets – most recently A View from the Phantasmagoria, a paranormal exploration of life with PMDD. Kate’s heart is full of rain and rivers, and she has a special interest in the junction between folklore, history, and the occult.

Dr. Charley Barnes

C Barnes

Role: Personal Essays & Non-Fiction Editor
Delights: Creative non-fiction and personal essays on a broad range of subjects including but not limited to lived experience, personal symbolism, feminism, creativity

Bio: Charley Barnes is an author, poet and academic based in Worcestershire. Charley recently published her second poetry pamphlet, Body Talk, through Picaroon Poetry and she also writes crime fiction under the moniker C.S. Barnes. Her crime and thriller work is published through Bloodhound Books. Charley’s latest writing fad is folklore and horror, which she has combined in her first prose chapbook, Death Is A Terrible House Guest.

Charley also lectures at universities around the West Midlands, she is the current Director of Sabotage Reviews, and she is especially interested in the intersection between personal experience and creative writing.

Evelynn Black

E Black

Role: Feminism & Diversity Editor
Delights: Feminism and diversity fiction and non-fiction

Bio: Evelynn Black (Cornell MFA) is a high-heeled poet who is passionate about the greater need for inclusivity, acceptance and awareness when it comes to gender, mental health and being true to oneself. Trans perspectives and experiences are particularly welcome.

Megha Sood

Role: Assistant Poetry Editor
Delights: Poetry

Bio: Megha Sood has had over 350 poetic works published in various journals.

Nellie Cole

Role: Assistant Poetry Editor
Delights: Poetry

Nellie Cole is a Midlands-based poet and workshop leader, and poet-in-residence at the University of Loughborough 2019-20. Her debut poetry pamphlet Bella (Offa’s Press, 2018) explores the true murder mystery ‘Bella and the Wych Elm’, and was nominated for ‘Best Poetry Pamphlet’ at the 2019 Saboteur Awards. Her writing style blends literary allusion, local history, folklore, and superstition.

Imogen. L. Smiley

Role: Social Media Manager

Delights: Gothique

Imogen. L. Smiley is a Creative and Professional Writing graduate from The University of Derby. Her gothic fiction and poetry has been featured by Ang(st) Magazine, Trick Magazine and more. She may or may not have a mild social media obsession…