Modern Witchcraft, Magic and Spirituality

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About our Modern Witchcraft and Spirituality section

The witchy features you see above are a taste of the numerous articles Mookychick has to offer. Click the little number links below to go deeper and see what you find in our arcane vaults.

Modern witchcraft is a spider’s web. We cannot be pinned down. Our will is strong. We are not against monotheistic faiths here at Mookychick. Everyone has the right to cherish and explore their own beliefs. We are not against atheism, either. Many of us are atheists. We are for discovery, connection and the exploration of the spirit.

To be a modern witch is to feel one’s own way. To balance faith with magical practice. To explore tools for a pagan altar that feel right in your hand. To some, creating a sigil can be a powerful form of results magic. You may seek to find new ways to use the Tarot. To self-care to the max, because maybe today is the day you seriously need a spiritual bath. Maybe you want to get witchy in the kitchen. Maybe you celebrate Samhain rituals. Maybe you prefer the floating intuition of a psychogeographical derive. Some of us are drawn to dark magic. Some of us are drawn to the light. Some of us are drawn to both.

And hey, sometimes being a pagan goth girl can be isolating.  Especially if no-one else in your town wears black, let alone desires a conversation about the best way to work with a Cheeto poppet.

Our personal journeys are not straight lines, no circles repeating on themselves, but spirals. We all start somewhere. Maybe you’re weighing up how to make a Book of Shadows or quietly trying to figure out the difference between Wicca and Paganism.

We may walk separately, but as modern witches we are all here for each other. We may work in covens, or we may choose to work alone, but we share our dreams, our rituals and our discoveries on the way.

It all condenses to one hugely important thing. The definition of a modern witch is what you say it is. And if you have witchy thoughts, rituals or activities to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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