Tag: charms and spells

new year fire ritual set intentions

A New Year Fire Ritual To Set Your Intentions For the Year Ahead

speak your truth magic ritual

A Simple Ritual Exercise To Speak Your Truth

may day magic ritual may 1st

May Day Magic Annual Crowning Ritual – Celebrate May 1st Worldwide

blood magic

Blood Magic – 13 Ways to Use Menstrual Blood In Spells and Ritual

The crone's book of magical words

The Crone’s Book of Magic Words

tarot readings

Tarot spreads: ‘Entering the card’ meditation technique

how to bring magic into your life

14 Ways to bring magic into your life… using actual magic

chaos magic sigil

Sigil magic: How to make a Magical Sigil

DIY magickal inks oils

How to make your own (magickal or crafty) inks and oils

spiritual bath

How to have a healing spiritual bath for positive energy


How to do a self-esteem spell to boost your confidence

rose love spell

Rose love spell

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