The Crone’s Book of Magic Words

The crone's book of magical words

If your grimoire has been lacking some good old-fashioned charms and rhyming, here are three reasons to pick up the Crone’s Book of Words.

#1 Beautiful poetry

Republished by Llewellyn in 2002, The Crone’s Book of Magical Words is written by children’s author and poet Valerie Worth. Like all good poetry, Worth’s words are written to be read aloud. The tone and cadence of each poem is beautiful and reminiscent of old storybooks. Whether you’re reading it for pleasure of magical intent, the words roll off the tongue and create a peaceful, nostalgic feeling.

#2 Magical instructions are concise and to the point

There are no long lists, moon calendars, or lengthy footnotes in The Crone’s Book of Magical Words. Poems like For the Art of Cookery contain the ingredients and instructions as part of the verse:

Tie up a bunch of these good herbs,
Basil, savory, mint, and dill;
Drench them in water drawn from the tap,
and sprinkle the kitchen—lintel and still.

Others, like A Horseshoe Charm for the Headache and Against Evil Dreams, have little rhymes of poetry hidden inside the poems for epic moments of poetry inception.

Worth emulated the style of old folklore recipes with her poetry, creating unique works that invoke the feel of flipping through the pages of old books and the sweet scents of potpourri.

#3 Poems and spells for every area of life

The Crone’s Book of Magical Words is divided into four parts:

  • the SPIRIT
  • the WORLD
  • the CONJUROR
  • the COSMOS

Each section covers a vast array of topics, from the mundane (To Protect a Garden from Pests and To Treat a Leaking House) to the natural world (A Pact with a Tree for Longevity) and self-care (To Embrace Solitude and To Be Rid of Anger).

Whether you read a poem a day or flip through the sections to find one that suits you in the moment, The Crone’s Book of Magical Words is sure to delight and entrance readers with the beauty and magic of words.

Originally published in 1971, the Llewellyn Publication of The Crone’s Book of Magical Words is available through Amazon. Support your local library or independent bookstore.