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Greetings. Discover a wealth of ideas and guides for alternative jobs and unusual careers. If you're a creative soul, you may be interested in alternative career paths for the professional weirdo. If you're looking for jobs right now, you may be interested in these self care tips for job hunting, because the experience can be rough on your mental health and self-belief. Wondering how to survive as a women in the tech industry? We've got your back. And, of course, if you're balancing out a normative office job (or maybe multi-jobbing as a card-carrying citizen of slashie culture) you may have a passion project on the side and be wondering how to make money from it, because why should we expect artists to work for free?. We will not judge you, or tell you how to walk your path. When it comes to seeking alternative and unusual jobs, we will simply offer you career advice and words of widsom from folk who are making their own mark.

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Mediorite’s GET SEEN London short film festival 2024 is open to submissions

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Interesting alternative jobs and unusual careers

See our alternative job guides – with case studies and feminist career advice

Alternative jobs are roles which may not be 9-5 or office-based. They may require increased levels of creativity. They could take you into the realms of the strange and unusual. If you have a love of folklore and history, maybe you’ve always wanted to become an archaeologist. If you have an artistic side, you might not know that becoming a stained-glass window designer is an unusual job you can actually make money from!

There are all kinds of alternative career paths for the professional weirdo, and so many creative jobs to explore, from vegan taxidermy careers to food photography jobs.
We are not all made from the same mold.

Multi-jobbing and slashie culture – an alternative to the 9 to 5

The employment landscape has radically changed. Gone are the days of working in just one job for a sole employer until retirement. These days, so many of us expect to work multiple jobs. We might be freelancing and working remotely from home. We might support our job that pays the bills with a passion project on the side. These unusual jobs are sidelines that build our skills and could be commercially viable as we build experience. Jobs like these might include alternative modelling, professional tarot reading, becoming a burlesque performer, or directing music videos.

Calling alternative job seekers who don’t fit the ‘norm’

We are all individuals, with different dreams and life challenges. Mookychick is here to support you, whether you are seeking jobs that let you have tattoos and piercings or struggling with mental health at work.

If you’d like to tell us about your own alternative career in confidence, see our submission guidelines. Otherwise, browse through our incredible array of unusual jobs and listen to the voice of people who have been there sharing their experiences with you.