London video production agency Mediorite has a Junior Producer!

London video production agency Mediorite has a Junior Producer!

Mediorite is a London video production agency specialising in diverse charity and corporate video production with social impact. It’s also a social enterprise which trains and hires young people like this Junior Producer.

With a social enterprise video production agency like Mediorite, you’ll produce authentic short films. Yes, even whilst making corporate videos for the construction sector.

Mediorite is an award-winning social enterprise. It’s also a corporate video production agency. As a result, it specialises in areas like construction video production. Think that sounds too commercial for you? Think again, because Mediorite is a social enterprise! It trains under-represented and marginalised young people in London to become talented and successful film makers. For example, a Mediorite graduate has gone on to work on Netflix shows like Constellation and Bad Dinosaurs! All those construction videos for corporate clients are made by paid young people who might otherwise have been NEET (in other words, not in employment, education, or training).

Because Mediorite is a social enterprise that means it is not like the millions of other video production agencies out there. With offices in London and Leeds, it specialise in corporate videos with social value. With genuinely diverse people in front of the camera and diverse film crews behind the camera, each video has authenticity. It has heart and soul, which you would not expect from a corporate promotional film, right?

These big companires can have important stories to tell about how their people are forming meaningful LGBTQ+ networks, or about how they are giving back to the local community, e.g. with mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Mediorite also collaborate with great initiatives like LGBTQ+ charity Mermaids to increase meaningful diversity in the world.

And this is where Ava comes in!

Ava specialises in documentaries – that’s where her passion lies. Which is how she’s been able to evolve an alternative career as a video, TV and film producer.

What does being a junior video producer involve?

Because Ava works for a small company, she gets to do a bit of everything, which means lots of variety. She could be:

  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Doing research interviews
  • Out on a shoot
  • Edit production

She loves this variety because “a good director should have knowledge of all the film process”, from pre-production to the distribution side of things.

Career route to becoming a film and video producer

Ava did a course at university that specialised in documentary filmmaking. However, you don’t get a job out of the blue just because you’ve been to university. As a video production social enterprise, Mediorite has a Youth Board of young volunteers who help to guide the organisation’s actions and ethos. It’s the role of the Youth Board to make sure Mediorite stays true to its mission to create meaningful work and training for young people. By volunteering on the Youth Board, she started taking on paid freelance video production jobs with Mediorite, and was then offered a contracted role.

She currently has a mentor, who is also a woman making documentaries, and this visibility of women in the TV, video and film industry really helps her feel like she can progress.

Diversity in film and video production

Ava says:

I work with talented people from diverse backgrounds which is definitely different from the industry as a whole.

Everyone needs to make more of an effort. We can’t tell nuanced stories that are representative of the diversity of human experience if these people aren’t part of the crew.

London video production agency Mediorite offers diverse video production with social impact

Young people in London and Leeds looking for a route into video production can see if they fit the bill for Mediorite’s training programme.

Charities and corporations looking for a diverse video production agency in London and Leeds which creates award-winning videos with social impact should take a look at Mediorite’s services.

Mediorite offers: