FREE: Download The Medusa Project Anthology

FREE: Download The Medusa Project Anthology

Celebrate Halloween and womxn everywhere with The Medusa Project, a debut anthology from Mookychick. Download poetry, fiction, artwork and rituals… for free.

Back in March 2020, our Poetry Editor Megha Sood considered ways to actively celebrate International Women’s Day. One thing led to another, and Mookychick put out a call for its debut anthology. The theme of inclusive gender empowerment resonated with so many of you, and we are wholeheartedly grateful for the hundreds of submissions that flooded through, each connecting with the archetype of the Medusa in ways that reverberated somewhere beneath our skin.

Mookychick’s Poetry Editors Juliette van der Molen and Megha Sood have collated those submissions into 47 powerful works which are now available for you, the reader, to download. For free.

If pushed, we could use words like ‘raw’ and ‘liminal’ to describe the anthology’s content (and many of these works are indeed one or the other, or both). But sometimes a single adjective won’t do. How do you pour a whole lifetime into one adjective? How do you fit a hundred emotions or a thousand fragments of dream into a single word?

These essays, journeys, magickal rituals, art-spells, creative works of poetic truth… in their own ways, they all tap into the myth of the Medusa. Self-realised. Self-determining. They are about finding power in the self.

This anthology has cast its own spell on our souls, and we hope you enjoy it.

With best wishes from Juliette, Megha and the Mookychick Team.

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Juliette van der Molen

Megha Sood


Penny Sharman

Anne Elise Brinich

Jo Barghest

Cat Rogi


Lisa Lerma Weber

Dr. Charley Barnes

Anuja Ghimire

Khadija Anderson

Victoria Gatehouse


Lynne Schmidt

Megha Sood

Linda M. Crate

Scarlett Ward Bennett

Imogen L. Smiley

D. Slayton Avery

Alicia Fitton

Caroline Hardaker

Debz Butler

Jess O’Shea

Zoe Mitchell

Stella Hervey Birrell

Kate J. Wilson

Ellen Huang

Carla S. Schick

Ashleigh Condon

Shari Aber

Emma Flint

Julieette Kumar

Kim Fahner

Jo Flynn

Laurie Koensgen

Marie Fields

Sam Egelstaff

SK Grout

Christina Rosso

Claire Marsden

Cáit Ní Dhonnchú

Jaisha Jansena

Monique Quintana

Nori Rose Hubert

Sam Hall

Nellie Cole

Catherine Kleindienst

Natasha Kindred

Magda Knight

Backyard Banshee

Ghia Vitale

Sascha Aurora Akhtar

The PDF anthology has been formatted in a manner that allows for its future publication in print should circumstances arise.