The Medusa Project: Editor’s Introduction by Megha Sood

The Medusa Project: Editor's Introduction by Megha Sood

With the upcoming October 31st launch of our free-to-download debut anthology #TheMedusaProject, co-editor Megha Sood discusses the necessity of creativity in challenging times.

“Women, we might as well be dogs baying the moon as petitioners without the right to vote!”

 —-Susan B. Anthony

Dear Readers,

The start of this year not only marked the beginning of a new decade but also the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution which celebrates the democratic milestone of the Women’s suffrage movement. The movement spearheaded by Susan B Anthony and her loyal followers has been a milestone that led to one of the critical amendments in the US Constitution. The right to vote not only speaks about freedom of choice but also about equality.

The campaign was equally important in the history of the American Poetry as it was heralded and promoted by the poems written by many suffragists who were part of that defining movement. This fact confirms the urgency and the necessity of the poetry and the salient role creative arts play in defining society at large.

To celebrate such a defining movement in history, We, the editors of Mookychick, called all the womxn writers to submit work which resonated with the feeling of freedom, choice, and equality. Poems, Art, Fiction that reflect their struggle to carve a position in the patriarchal society, to get those voices heard, and to finally achieve a position to equality.

Our request for those works of art was returned with an extremely warm response and it finally led to the birth of this beautiful and riveting anthology: “The Medusa Project” which drives inspiration from the magical winged warrior and a Greek Gorgon  “Medusa” who rose above all the struggles, atrocities and abuse in her patriarchal society and carved a niche for her finally becoming a beacon of strength and resilience for generations to come.

To me “Medusa” is a powerful feminist icon, a magical ally, a metaphor for emboldening resilience, who used her knowledge and resistance to dismantle the patriarchy. An empowering symbol of speaking truth to power and rising above all the accusations with resonating strength. That strength is the underlying emotion and the very essence of this anthology which is reflected in every single page of this e-book.

Women have been fighting for so long for their rights and the struggle has become even more crucial in the current political climate. With so many powerful movements spearheaded by womxn in the last few years and the blatant violation of women’s rights brings out the urgency for women’s equality.

This anthology is a deep exposition of that pain and angst carried by the women for generations. It encapsulates the entire angst, rage, and passion and transforms it into thirty poems, mixed with art, poetry, fiction, and the magical rituals spreading throughout this e-book. It is a summation of the myriad ways women are reclaiming their feminist power. The entire collection is a clear reflection of that very underlying emotion. Each page will take you to the magical journey of expression and healing. This e-book bears a stark reflection of the immense vigor carried in the brave voices of its contributors.

This anthology also holds an extremely special place in my writing journey by being the first anthology I’m curating as a co-Editor. Being a part of such a purposeful anthology not only validates my writing but also reiterates the immense power that all genres of art hold. The e-book features and celebrates the writings of the well-established writers and emerging writers with equal ease and beauty.

I am really grateful and thankful for the immense support of my co-Editor Juliette van der Molen for her brilliant leadership and invaluable suggestions at various phases of the anthology. Also, none of this would have been possible without the support of the entire team of Mookychick along with founder Magda Knight whose constant encouragement guided us every step of the way. Also, a big shout out to our brilliant social media manager, Imogen Smiley, for spreading the word about anthology so enthusiastically.

Lastly, I’m immensely thankful to every submitter, contributor, reader, and supporter of this anthology for joining us in this beautiful journey of expression and healing. The sheer existence of this 128  page -anthology proves the immense strength and resilience the writers of this anthology have shown to voice their pain and struggle in today’s society.

Hoping that this collection infuses you with the same formidable strength and healing which the infamous Greek gorgon imparts.


Megha Sood

A Proud Co-editor of the “ The Medusa Project”

Assistant Poetry Editor, Mookychick

The Medusa Project

Launching 31st October 2020