Unusual Careers: How to Become a Professional Witch

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How to become a professional witch: hone your business and magickal skills to do something you love.

Last year I splurged on an anonymous astrology chart reading. The reader had no idea who I was or what I did for a living – she just had a screen name and my birth date details. She came back and said, “I don’t know what you do for a living but, you should be a witch!” I laughed and shared it with everyone because, well, I am.

While ‘Professional Witch’ might not have been on the career day roster when I was in grade school, it’s something I always wanted to be. My friends claimed the title of ‘princess’, but I opted for ‘witch’. When I first realized that real witches existed, I devoured every piece of information I could on the topic. Despite going to college and working various jobs that I trudged through like eating a tasteless meal, I dreamed of practising my craft for a living. Finally, after getting some coaching and mentorship, I realized that this was a dream that I could make real… with magick and elbow grease.

December Marie Laveau

December pays her respects at the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Witch Queen of New Orleans

Your Magickal Name

The first time I realized that I could be a professional witch was when I met other professional witches. I saw them all over once I joined the community. I met witches who owned occult shops, witches who did divination readings, witches who healed, and so much more. I also realized that they were able to make their witchcraft into a living wage by creating a name for themselves.

Find your magical niche

Developing a name for yourself as a witch starts with finding your niche. Each witch is obsessed with some specific form of the craft. Some adore crystals, while others work with herbs and still others prefer animals. Whether it’s energy healing or wand making, we all have things we love to do and have honed our skills in.

Once we narrow in on what our key interest and skill is, it’s much easier to figure out how to make money by being a witch.

Raise awareness with blog posts and event attendance

I began my witchy career as a tarot reader. I read tarot at events, parties, fairs, and with clients one-on-one. I wrote articles and blog posts about tarot as well, to reach out to online clients. Tarot courses and blogs by other professionals in the field were a goddess-send that helped me and others like me on this path. I loved it (and still do) but it wasn’t my ultimate passion. Still, by starting here, I learned a lot about alternative money-making jobs. Those lessons still rock my stripey socks to this day.

After years as a tarot reader, I found out that what I really love doing is writing and witchery. I had a passion that bordered on obsession with both. All I needed to do was find out how to combine them to make a business.

Seek out mentoring and coaching from experienced business witches

I took classes and got coaching from women who combined hippy, spiritual, woo-woo concepts with hard business knowledge. They explained to me how important information is and that it’s worthy of being sold and paid for.

Translation – my years of experience and study as a witch was worthy of sharing with the world AND getting paid for it.

Living a Fantasy

Mould your mindsent. Own your path. Build confidence in your choices and abilities.

The next big part that I discovered regarding how to become a witch professionally was my mindset. It seems as though once you start down a path that’s out of the norm, doubts and fears can crop up so easily. For me, it varied between worrying that I’d never make any money, that I’d never be accepted, and that I wasn’t worthy of the money I wanted to earn. Many entrepreneurs have these fears. The addition of claiming the title of Witch and having people look at me as if I’d grown another head and fangs seemed to add to the issue.

I had to own my chosen path and build confidence as a witch. For me, this meant practising a lot of two specific types of magick:

  • Shadow working (dealing with inner demons and misguided programing)
  • Magick around transformation

It help me to look at others living lives that appeared to be straight out of a fairy tale. I found women who made a living being mermaids, knights, and fairies. Seeing how they transformed childhood dreams into real careers was so inspiring. I knew I could do the same thing with enough work.

Money and Magick

Lastly I had to develop skills other than magick and witchcraft. Sure… I could read tarot, brew potions, and cast spells that worked again and again. However, I had no idea how to turn this into a sellable service or product outside of the fortune telling fair circuit. I had to do the very mundane act of acquiring some business training. With some help I learned about newsletters, freelance writing, automation, and even the dreaded discipline of bookkeeping.

Business training helped me to see what resources I had available. The bookstores and cafes where I used to hang out and hemorrhage money suddenly became networking possibilities. I now sent professional emails to witches that I’d be looking up to for years on social media. My favourite products became ways to connect my readership to affiliated businesses. Without my business training, I would have overlooked all this and gone on babbling into the void.

I learned how to turn years of witchcraft experience into courses, ebooks, challenges, and programs. Even better, I learned how to get those products in the hands of people that actually wanted them! Getting feedback and hearing that my advice on spells and rituals was helping someone sent me over the moon with joy.

I won’t lie. I made some mistakes too. I got wrapped up in a network marketing side hustle and trying to “keep up with the Joneses” which led to drama and burn-out. Sadly, there are some things even business coaches and courses can’t teach. However, each experience left me stronger and more focused.

Magick was my ace up the sleeve. I used business and money magick, self care and protection spells to get me through the rough times. When my husband had to help me hire a business coach that would make our budget tighter than we liked, I cast a Mercurial Money spell that led to him winning almost the full cost of the coaching via a scratch-off ticket.

Fear of trolls and getting lost in the miasma of social media drama and cyber bullying led me to develop spells and cleansing techniques around my laptop and phone.  When it felt like no-one cared about my blogging, I did a pink candle friendship and self-love spell that was followed with one of my blog posts going viral.

Living the Magick

Today I love my witchy life. Not only do I get to practise witchcraft daily, but I get to write about it and make videos and speak at events about something I adore. Slowly I see my dream of sending my spouse into early retirement coming true with a little magick, some wise advice from biz mentors, and a lot of passion.

Witchcraft has always been my comfort in hard times and now I get to help others, too. That always puts a smile on my face, even on the rough days.

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