Tarot Horoscopes – December 2020

Tarot Horoscopes - December 2020

The year is finally wrapping up.  So many of us have been struggling, and I don’t know if it’ll get easier any time soon, but we’ve made it this far together.  Every winter is full of the promise of spring – till then, I hope you all are able to find some peace and rest in the upcoming months.  Stay well friends, and thanks for reading.


Hub – Knight of Wands

Even as the year ends, new things are approaching. Perhaps you’ve already set your sights on some new goal or passion. Or, maybe you are restless and actively seeking out novelty. Either way, heed this call to adventure and go forth boldly. As you do, mind that your excitement doesn’t turn into mania and recklessness.


Aries – Queen of Swords

As you move forward, pay attention to what’s going on around you. In your pursuit of new passion and direction, you could easily find yourself getting in over your head. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance if your way onward feels unclear.


Taurus – King of Wands

This month, keep an eye on the big picture. There’s a lot of power behind this reading, and a potential for great authority and progress. Steady yourself as you move forward, and don’t get lost in recklessness or arrogance.


Gemini – Knight of Cups

It’s time for an adventure, perhaps in the form of new or developing relationships. Ask yourself, what do you really want out of this pursuit? Ground yourself with both introspection and communication, and try to balance the needs of all involved.


Cancer – The Empress

Take some time to check in with yourself. What are you working for, and for whom? Is there substance in this pursuit, or does it feel thankless and empty? Whatever you seek, take care it isn’t at the expense of your own well-being.


Leo – Nine of Cups

Long journeys warrant rest, enduring hardship merits comfort, and even the smallest of victories deserves attention and celebration. Take some time for self-care this month. It’s okay to seek out comfort and to enjoy the lovelier aspects of life.


Virgo – The Devil

Your theme for the month, in a word, is freedom. What circumstances do you feel bound by? What are you trying to change? Keep in mind that not everything we want is helpful or healthy. Don’t let your desires become another trap.


Libra – Six of Swords

You have a journey ahead of you, whether figurative or literal. As you move forward, remember that some things are only useful for a little while. If you refuse to let go of them, they will only weigh you down. It’s okay to let things go.


Scorpio – Ten of Pentacles

There is some kind of victory close at hand – are you moving towards it, or running away? Achievement comes with responsibility, but the weight of this success is worth the legacy of a job well done. Don’t be afraid of your own potential.


Sagittarius – Seven of Cups

It’s very easy to be distracted by dreams, or to turn to escapism to cope with stress. This kind of rest is very important, but it mustn’t become an excuse for stagnation. Don’t neglect the new opportunities ahead of you in favor of fantasies.


Capricorn – Six of Cups

Paradoxical as it sounds, sometimes the “new” in our lives comes from a return, rather than a discovery. Perhaps your path forward will actually manifest as a reunion, a homecoming, or a reclamation of past sources of happiness.


Aquarius – Six of Pentacles

Tempting though it may be, you can’t carry everything on your own. The impulse to leave no one behind is noble, but you have to guard your own energy too. If your crops are abundant, share the fruit, but don’t starve yourself in the the process.


Pisces – Justice

If you want to build your new start on a solid foundation, you must assess your current situation honestly. Take a fair accounting of your resources and responsibilities, so that you can move forward with clarity and purpose.