Tarot Horoscopes – November 2020

Tarot Horoscopes - November 2020

The turning of the seasons, a blue moon, Samhain – it feels like a momentous time. Perhaps this month’s reading is fitting then. It’s a strange one – a lot of court cards, a lot of wands and swords. It is of course possible that I didn’t shuffle well, though I do tend to be pretty rigorous, and the reading came together so smoothly… I leave it up to you, readers. I hope something here is of help to you all.


Hub – Queen of Wands

This is a time for joy, but not necessarily for any particular success. It’s less about goals met than challenges accepted – the embrace of a quest and the determination to see it through. Whatever inspires you, humble or grand, move forward with courage, and understand that every step is a feat worthy of celebration.


Aries – Queen of Swords

Will and fiery passion can drive you forward; calculation and a cool head can focus your progress. The danger of the former is recklessness – that of the latter, cruelty. But if you can combine the best of both, you will be a force to reckon with.


Taurus – Four of Wands

Eventually everyone needs some help. This is not a sign of weakness. Rather, consider it a cause for celebration. It’s a chance to gather your loved ones close, the people you trust and rely on. Let them stabilize you as you move forward.


Gemini – Three of Wands

Ahead of you is great opportunity for growth, but it might not come in the form you expect. If you’re frustrated, allow your disappointment to teach you, rather than slow you down. Sheer determination can carry you over many obstacles.


Cancer – Two of Wands

Planting an idea is the first step, but the initial excitement must be focused into direct action for the seed to germinate and bear fruit.  It’s hard work, but don’t let that dissuade you. There is joy to be found in every step of the process.


Leo – Eight of Cups

It is natural to be afraid – of failure, of loss, of the inability to overcome hardship – but don’t let that hold you back.  Face your insecurities, accept them as a part of yourself, then dismiss them. Your bravery matters more than they ever will.


Virgo – Knight of Swords

Your forward momentum is building, and your ambition will carry you far. Be mindful, though, to not charge ahead of your resources. If you treat a marathon like a sprint you will tire long before you reach the finish line.


Libra – King of Wands

This month, both monarchs of the suit of fire and will are on your side. Reframe the obstacles in your path as puzzles to be solved, and choose to take a creative approach to the problems ahead. It’s all about perspective.


Scorpio – Knight of Pentacles

At its best, dedication leads to the hard work and the fruits of this labor. At worse, it turns to obsession. Keep this in mind as you set about your tasks, and take care not to overextend yourself. Long projects require pacing, and every step counts.


Sagittarius – Nine of Swords

If you are in a rough spot right now, it’s okay to take a pause. Burnout is real. Anxiety is real. Both are hard to recover from. For now, remember what you’ve already accomplished, and examine what’s holding you back. Rest, and carry on.


Capricorn – Eight of Swords

Setbacks don’t have to be paralyzing. If you’re feeling trapped, maybe you need a change of perspective. Even a little change – of approach, of task, of scenery – can reveal something new. This, in turn, can rekindle your will to move forward.


Aquarius – Seven of Swords

It takes courage to challenge deception. Is someone abusing your trust? Are your own unhelpful habits holding you back? Whatever you learn, insist on growth and accountability, both from without and within. Choose to be your own best self.


Pisces – The Fool

Is there an adventure ahead of you? If so, both fear and excitement are valid responses. Make a plan with the big picture in mind. Take heart, celebrate this new start, and don’t take any part of it for granted. You have a long journey ahead.