How to have a healing spiritual bath for positive energy

spiritual bath

How to have a spiritual bath: Enjoy a ritual cleanse and feel renewed.

A spiritual bath could help you on your way to salvation… or at least lift your spirits, relax your mind and make you smell nice.

A spiritual bath is a great cleansing ritual prior to performing healing work or rituals. It also works wonders prior to going out for the night or just as self-care time for yourself at the end of a hectic week.

Taking a cleansing spiritual bath is easier than you might think, and only requires a few basic ingredients.

What does a spiritual bath involve?

The art of a spiritual bath can use symbolism to embrace the four elements that are said to support us all, and are the mainstay of lots of esoteric practice: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Earth gives us support and growth. It’s the practical element without which we would never be able to reach out and find the spiritual as we always need to keep our feet on the ground. Air aids our communication and relates to our intellectual abilities. Fire is the spark of imagination as well as the passion and enthusiasm with which we live our lives. Water is the healing element, which embraces and encourages our emotions and feelings.

Acknowledge the four elements in your bath…

  • Water is the easy one – after all, you’re having a bath.
  • Fire can be represented by candles, carefully placed around the bath.
  • Earth can be represented in two ways; by the use of a crystal which has added healing properties or by using dead sea salts in the bath.
  • Lastly, Air can be represented by some incense lightly wafting in the corner, and an appropriate essential oil to invigorate your senses.

Choose the type of spiritual bath you want

The next step is to choose the type of magical bath you want. Oh, and to get hold of what you think would be the right ingredients. (I’ll be placing a focus on Essential Oil, Crystal of choice, Candle, Incense, Dead Sea Salts).

Uplifting & invigorating bath

For an uplifting spiritual experience go for orange or lemon essential oil, a carnelian crystal and some orange or yellow candles, plus dead sea salts and an incense of your choice.

Calming & relaxing bath

To calm shredded nerves and release an inner wave of relaxation try lavender or chamomile essential oils, an amethyst crystal, purple, lilac or indigo candles and of course dead sea salts and some relaxing incense.

Love spell bath

If love and passion is on your mind, try some rose or ylang ylang essential oil, a rose quartz or rhodocrosonite crystal, bright red or pink candles, dead sea salts and some ylang ylang incense!

Focus and Intent bath

For a focusing bath that helps you concentrate on your inner needs, try basil or rosemary essential oil, a haematite crystal, some yellow or light green candles and dead sea salt.

Cleansing bath

Lastly, what if you’re looking for the ultimate cleansing bath? One that cleanses the body as well as the mind? Try combining tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. You can use these together with a clear quartz crystal, white candles and dead sea salts.

Blood magic cleansing spiritual bath

If you menstruate, your moonflow time is a perfect opportunity to use a bath for spiritual cleansing and renewing. See our feature on menstrual blood magic, which includes a step-by-step moonflow bath ritual.

Final preparations…

Once you have chosen the type of spiritual bath you require from the suggestions above, you need to do a little bit of preparation before you are ready to submerge yourself:

  • Have something to eat so that you don’t lie there thinking about feeding your stomach instead of feeding your soul
  • Make sure that people and animals cannot get in (unless you want them to, of course)
  • Fashion a ‘do not disturb’ sign (wordage is up to you on that one!) out of an old cornflake box and some sticky backed plastic
  • Ensure you have all the ingredients you need for your deep spiritual cleanse!
  • If you choose to use crystals in your bath, check their properties and always cleanse them by running under cold water before using in the bath itself. If you are unsure about placing the crystal in the water itself, simply place it by the side of the bath. If you’re interested, see more crystal care tips.

Cast a protective circle

You don’t have to do this bit. But why not try it? It’ll put you in a different frame of mind. It’ll give you a sense of respect about the amazingness of the bath you’re about to have, it’ll give you a shh-don’t tell secret, and it’s fun!

Make sure all methods of protection are in place such as the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and all likely intruders banished. As a last bit of protection, cast a protective circle around you. You can phrase this how you want – it’s about acknowledging the elements and the four quarters. Here’s an example, though:

  • Face the North and thank the goddess/energies of the north and of Earth for aiding you in spiritually cleansing quest
  • Look to the East and thank the goddess/energies of the east and of Air for providing you with the concentration you need
  • Face the South and thank the goddess/energies of the south and Fire for inspiring you with imagination and passion
  • Look to the West, thank the goddess/energies of the West and Water for providing the bath itself, and its healing and supporting qualities

If you’re in a city and don’t have a compass to find North, you can usually figure it out from where your home is in relation to the nearest tube station or similar landmark.

If you’re not sure about this sort of thing and haven’t the faintest idea what an energy representing the North is or would look like, you can make up what you think they would look like, or just say ‘thank you, energy of the north’ and not worry about it too much. Never worry. You are working with your own perception of energy, not someone else’s.

How to run the spiritual bath

To draw the bath you need to fill the bath with water to the temperature of your choice and place some dead sea salts under the running water. Once the bath is full add 10 drops of the essential oil or oils of your choice and place the crystal in the bath or by the side of the bath. Light the candles (make sure the candles are in a safe place and will not fall or cause a fire) and incense if used.

Once in the bath…

Now slip in the bath, let the aromas and the healing qualities of everything around you support you as you meditate quietly and embark on your inner journey to become the real you.

You can also try a visualisation technique whilst in the bath by creating the ideal result you want for yourself. For instance if you are taking an uplifting bath then picture yourself full of energy able to tackle anything and always positive and happy. If it’s love or lust, visualise the person you are after melting at the sight of your amazing self and… the rest of that one is up to you.

After your spiritual bath

Once you have finished and are suitably prune-like and clean, step out of the bath. Dry off and close down the circle of protection by thanking each goddess/energy in reverse order; West, South, East then North. Remove the crystal and cleanse it quickly by running it under cold running water and leaving it to dry in the sun or moonlight for next time.

And, with care and love, clean the bath.

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