A Big, Magical 2020 Call for Submissions from our Magical Editor

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Hello, hello – allow me to introduce myself (properly, at last). My name is Kate, and I was welcomed to the wonderful Mookychick team in autumn 2019 to take up the new role of Magical Editor. I live in an off-duty vicarage on the Welsh border, with my little-big family, forever rolling along with the (UK) seasons and living a life full of everyday magic.

Here in my corner of Mookychick (it’ll be full of herbs in jars, seaside stones, and half-burnt candles, but it’s cosy) I’m happy to read submissions on any number of topics whenever you’d like to send them – the mystical, spiritual, occult, magical, witchy, folkloric, mythical, and so on. I’d love to see articles, listicles, short stories, flash fiction, essays, how-to pieces, spells and rituals, reviews of books/music/films related to the occult/magic/folklore/mysticism, or anything in between. If it’s magical, it’s what we want!

And if you’re looking for inspiration, or are a bit unsure of what you might write and submit, here are some areas I’d like to focus on over the course of 2020. These are broken down into bi-monthly periods for convenience, not as a strict schedule! You can send me what you want to send me, when the muse strikes! You may also have a different take on the themes – for example, February/March’s theme of Shadows & Light may take your soul in a completely different direction to the examples I’ve offered, and that is fine.

Send pitches and work to me, Kate Garrett: [email protected]

February/March – Shadows & Light

  • Shadow work
  • Energy work – reiki, crystals, other healing modalities
  • Dreams – dream interpretation / lucid dreaming / astral experiences
  • Paranormal experiences
  • Divination: tarot and oracle cards

April / May – Earth & Air

  • Any earth-based magical workings – what can you do with stones, bones, animal guides, tree magic? Do out digging in the dirt and see what you find
  • Divination: ogham and runes
  • Forests in folklore, myth, and legend
  • Magic and creative practice
  • Mysticism in poetry and literature
  • Faery lore and faery magic

June/July – Water & Fire

  • Magic and pop culture
  • Love magic
  • Sea lore and myths
  • Nurturing and magic – for others, for yourself, for the planet/humans in general
  • Witchcraft and owning your power / assertiveness

August/September – Celestial

  • Astrology
  • Stars/planets/sky myths, lore, and legends
  • Creation myths
  • The idea of an abundant universe (manifestation – has it worked for you?)

October/November – Occult History

  • Famous historical occultists, magical practitioners, mystics, influential figures e.g. John Dee, Isobel Gowdie, Pamela Coleman Smith, William Blake
  • Historical magical practices
  • Witch trials
  • The occult and magic in literature
  • Ghost stories! (Your own original fiction, or essays on others’ supernatural works.)

December/January – Magical Paths

  • How did you get where you are now as a magical practitioner? Is it where you expected to be?
  • There are as many ways to be magical as there are ways to be human – all paths and experiences interest me, whether you’ve known you’re a witch all your life, or discovered your interest in the occult halfway through. I want to hear from you!
  • Spells and rituals you’ve created intuitively and would like to share with others
  • How you celebrate holidays and the seasons; traditions you’ve created as part of your spiritual or magical path

This magical content calendar is simply a guide so I can get the word out. Feel free to send any of these, or something entirely different, at any time of the year!

Some guidelines for submitting magical pieces to Mookychick:

  • Ideally submissions should be between 500-4,000 words, but there is wiggle room.
  • Feel free to pitch an idea before sending a completed piece.
  • Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please let me know asap if it is accepted elsewhere – I hope to get back to any submissions within a week or two anyway.
  • I prefer work that hasn’t been published online, but again there will be exceptions so please query.
  • I prefer submissions as Word documents, but work pasted into the email is also fine. Please no PDFs.
  • It should go without saying, but: I do not want writing that promotes racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and so on – it’s in our main guidelines, but Mookychick is a loving, inclusive space so it bears repeating here.
  • Also worth repeating: we are all volunteers at Mookychick, so we have to pay you in promotion and love!

If you are interested in sharing your magical words, please send submissions and pitches to me, Kate Garrett, at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you!

About Kate Garrett

K Garrett square

Email: [email protected]
Focus: Witchcraft, folklore, myth, mysticism, occult, divination, spirituality, and related subjects

Magical Editor Kate Garrett is a queer, autistic Sheffield-based writer, witch, mama, tarot reader, tabor & bodhrán player, and heritage volunteer. Her poetry is widely published, she is the author of several pamphlets and one full collection (The saint of milk and flames, Rhythm & Bones Press, 2019), and she is a contributing writer for Pussy Magic. Kate’s heart is full of rain and rivers, and she has a special interest in the junction between folklore, history, and the occult.

You can connect on Twitter via @mskateybelle.