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A Big, Magical 2020 Call for Submissions from our Magical Editor

Poetry by Jaisha Jansena: Insurrection

Poetry by Jaisha Jansena: Insurrection


Vegan Vasilopita – A Sweet Recipe With Links to Greek Myth And Ancient Meat-Free Festivals

middle ages myths plague

5 Popular Myths about the Middle Ages – It Wasn’t All Misery and Misogyny

hare myth folklore witchcraft

The Hare and its Links to Ostara, Easter, Witchcraft and Myth

clay magic altar modern witch

Clay Magic, Spells and Rituals For A Modern Witch

ancient greece vegan pelanos bread

Ritual Recipes – Ancient Greek Pelanos Bread Recipe For Demeter

Cloacina Roman Goddess of the Sewers

Forgotten and Underrated Goddesses – Cloacina, Goddess of the Sewers


Why I Want to Be a Mermaid


The fantasy art of Johanna Ost

pagan gods

Guide to Pagan Gods


Sanguinarism – Non Interview With A Vampire

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