Tarot Horoscopes – September 2020

Tarot Horoscopes - September 2020

Welcome to September, friends. Today’s reading comes on the cusp of the seasons, and change is heavy in the air. It feels appropriate, then, that the theme I find in this month’s readings is one of hope. It is an ideal companion for our hub card, Strength. The world is littered with calamities right now, and it’s times like these where hope is both the hardest and the bravest thing we can do. My hope for all of you, beautiful readers, is that you find joy and strength in the month ahead.

Hub – Strength

This year has been so difficult. We’re all facing battles of all kinds, and there are more yet to come. Whatever you are facing, know that you are not alone. If you feel like your best isn’t enough, or that you’re overwhelmed by the challenge – that’s okay. Persevere. Rest when you need, and don’t give up without a fight.

Aries – Justice

As you move forward this month, insist on clarity from the people around you. Temper your ambition with understanding. Examine all the angles with a clear head, so that whatever happens, you will know you have acted with integrity.

Taurus – Hierophant

There are times in life when something breaks, and it is up to us to put things right. Sometimes that means making repairs. Other times, the old must be replaced entirely. Don’t be afraid to consider new tactics as you make your advance.

Gemini – King of Pentacles

Take a moment to consider your goals and visualize what success will look like. As you do, think about who you can call upon for help. No king ascends to the throne on their own. Adaptability and wise leadership will help you secure your victory.

Cancer – Tower

No war is won overnight, and sometimes losses are inevitable. Instead of despairing over perceived failures, study the events that have transpired. Have patience, see what you can learn, and use this new wisdom to plan your next move.

Leo – Seven of Cups

You may find yourself in a position where there are many paths to chose from. It can be hard to determine what to do, but don’t let yourself be paralyzed by indecision. Follow your intuition – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Virgo – Three of Swords

Losses and grief go hand in hand. It’s okay – vital, even – to acknowledge both what you have suffered in the past and what you are struggling with now. Draw on your grace and inner strength. Recovery is possible, and it’s worth fighting for.

Libra – Page of Pentacles

Every course of action starts with a goal, a dream of achieving something that will be worth the struggle it takes to reach. But remember, dreams can only get you so far. Balance out that idealism with concrete action and the will to follow through.

Scorpio – Two of Swords

Life often presents us with difficult decisions, and sometimes it seems like there are no good choices. Consider your battles carefully, and learn to set firm boundaries. What are you willing to sacrifice? What must be protected?

Sagittarius – Empress

Keep an eye out for an opportunity for growth. This could manifest as a personal journey, a creative endeavor, or a chance to reach out and help another. The Empress wants to see those in her care thrive. Let compassion guide your hand.

Capricorn – Ace of Cups

Do you have something to celebrate? Trick question – there’s always something to celebrate, even when circumstances are at their darkest. Search for joy, even in the littlest things.  The rejection of despair is one of the greatest strengths there is.

Aquarius – Five of Pentacles

There are times when feelings of insecurity press in, and they can isolate us from the help we need. Be brave, and remember it’s okay to ask for help. You can recover from the hardships you’ve endure, and you can overcome the challenges ahead.

Pisces – Two of Wands

What do you dream of accomplishing? Now is always the best time to start working towards your goals. Just make sure, as you lay out your plan, that you stay focused. It’s hard to reach your destination when you don’t have a clear path.