Pastel goth – it’s a spookycute world

pastel goth

If you’re a child of the interwebz and  you’re into alternative fashion and culture, chances are you’ve seen this strange new mélange of a trend popping up in your Tumblr feed.

What exactly is Pastel Goth? It’s a marriage of cute & creepy. Baby pinks & pastel colours combined with dark and spooky accessories. This is for those who are adorable yet spooky, like a little baby ghost Pokémon. One can indeed draw similarities between Pastel Goth and Gothic Lolita. In fact, I would even suggest that it could be described as Gothic Lolita in pastels rather than dark colours.

So how do I dress pastel goth?

With grace and ease! Keep in mind the key to the look is the contrast between light and dark, creepy and cute. Let’s start with a few basics:

Pastel goth hair

Hair can be any colour, but many PGs typically favour having the hair of an angel or the hair of the devil – or maybe a combination of the two!

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For angel hair, pastel or faded out colours create a nice soft look that contrasts with dark, gothic clothing or makeup.

You can maybe even put a pastel-coloured rainbow in your hair!

Alternatively, embrace your spooky side with a long black flowing wig for an eerie look. Lush Wigs do a fantastic range of different wigs to suit a wide array of tastes, so shop around!

Pastel goth make-up

Go for the wide, doe-eyed look, as this is a PG style staple! Big eyes are a great way to look creepy but cute (think of the illustrations of Tim Burton).

Many PGs wear contact lenses to give them a wide-eyed look, or to add some cool colour or effects to the eyes.

Side-quest: Read our interview with pastel goth clothic creatrix Miss bunny in the pic above and join her Plastic and Bows family!

Team with big eyelashes to exaggerate the eyes further, and give an almost cartoonish effect. After all, many gothic styles take their inspiration from the fantastical!

Opt for a black or pastel-coloured lip to complete the look. Pink or purple are pretty standard, but if you want to make a statement, mint greens & baby blues work brilliantly, too.

Things like glitter and facial jewels can take the look to sparkly new heights if you’re emulating the faeries at the bottom of your garden, or get creative and draw things like stars on your face if you want to.

If you’d prefer to go creepy rather than cute, draw on cobwebs or the meaningful symbols of your choosing. Remember, you’re limited only by your own creativity!

Pastel goth clothing and accessories

Any staple item of clothing in one block colour – like jumpers, t-shirts, dresses and leggings – will help you build up your Pastel Goth wardrobe.

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You can choose pastel or dark colours here, or mix and match different items according to the look you’re going for.

I think Pastel Goth is more about the accessories than the basic items of clothing, which means you can put your own stamp on an outfit.

Some gothic elements that I’ve seen people use brilliantly include BDSM accessories (such as collars & harnesses), any kind of accessories with bats, skulls or crosses, slogans (often tongue-in-cheek or just plain offensive) written in dripping fonts, fishnet tights/suspenders and cool-print leggings such as galaxy print, and anything with studs, such as an awesome leather jacket. The sky is the limit here – I can only give you a cheat sheet!

You can take your inspiration from anywhere you please, and I for one would encourage you to spread your angel/pastelbat wings! Here are just a few influences that I’ve seen work particularly well with PG:

  • The films of Tim Burton, for those seeking a creepy whimsical look
  • Video games of any era, e.g. Pokémon
  • Gothic Lolita style and/or accessories, e.g. frilly lace items
  • Anything cute or childish, e.g. teddy bears

So now you’re ready to compile a Pastel Goth look that is all your own. Reach for the stars, and check Tumblr/Pinterest for inspiration.

Main photo: Media make-up artist PiixiieThiing (follow her on YouTube and Instagram)