10 Foxy Materials You Can Use to Make a Homemade Wreath

10 Foxy Materials You Can Use to Make a Homemade Wreath

DIY wreaths aren’t just for Halloween. The winter break is just around the corner, and for the DIY crafter, it’s a wonderful time of year. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or this is your first time attempting arts and crafts, the wreath is a seasonal staple. You know what else is nice? Making winter wreaths is an activity that you can do in company, all of you happy-crying along to alternative Christmas films like Gremlins, Rare Exports or The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (just me? Welllll, okay then). While traditionalists may opt for the classic pine boughs and ornaments, you can make a wreath from a lot of other unconventional items.

For the tinkerer in all of us, here are ten materials you can use to make a homemade wreath:

1. Natural Materials

Sure, pine boughs and cranberries are all well and good, but for a more rustic feel, head out into the local park. Using twigs or small branches on a wire wreath frame, create a wreath that celebrates the season in a subtle way.

For an even more stripped-down look, ditch the wire frame and tie the twigs together with twine or ribbon to make a natural square shape. Leave the twigs as-is or lightly spray paint them white or silver for the holidays.

2. Pom-Poms

As a decoration for a kids’ room, or just to show your playful side to the world, make a wreath out of pom-poms. Pick up the pom-poms at any art supply store, and glue them to a foam or wire wreath base. You can use brightly coloured pom-poms for a fun vibe, or opt for colours that are indicative of the holidays for a more festive feel.

3. Ribbon

Ribbon is a fantastic art supply for the holidays. You’ve used it on gifts and seen it in traditional wreaths, but what about making a whole wreath out of ribbon?

Pick out ribbon that’s glittering in silver or gold for added sparkles! Glue one end of the ribbon down to a foam base, and wrap until the foam base is completely covered.

4. Wrapping Paper

It happens every year. You wrap all your gifts, and you end up with piles of wrapping paper that hasn’t been used. Instead of throwing it away or pretending you’ll save it for next year, get crafty and make a wreath out of it.

Crumple wrapping paper into balls and glue them to a foam base, or roll small tubes of paper and glue them to the base to create a starburst effect.

5. Cork

This one takes a little time and planning — and, very well, maybe several hundred wine bottle corks — but it doesn’t have to just be a holiday decoration. This wreath can be a great year-round addition to your kitchen.

Hot glue corks onto a foam base and hang using a ribbon. You can also incorporate lights to make your home glow with candle-like warmth . Just make sure you’re being safe with the lights you use and that they are up to date — newer LED lights are less likely to cause a fire.

6. Burlap

For the rustic crafter, burlap (also known as hessian or jute) is a favourite material. Bring your style to the holidays by making a wreath out of burlap. Use a wire frame and weave the burlap in and out of it to create a textured look.

To add more sparkle and holiday flair, incorporate lights or small bits and bobs as ornaments.

7. Fabric scraps

If you’re a frequent DIY-er, you may have scraps of different fabrics you’ve saved, just waiting for that perfect project to come along.

If you’re new to crafting, you can upcycle old tablecloths, curtains or sheets for this one. Tie small strips of fabric in simple knots around a wire wreath frame, and then bunch them together to create a textured look.

8. Denim

Don’t throw away those frayed, worn-out pairs of jeans. Cut them into short strips and use the fabric to make a wreath. Tie the strips around a wire frame and bunch the simple knots together for texture. Use denim in different shades for an even more dynamic look.

9. Wool

Wool isn’t just for knitting anymore. Using a foam base, wrap wool around the wreath’s entirety. Make sure the wool is wrapped tightly, and the base is completely covered. Use one colour all the way around, or alternate with festive holiday tones – or use rainbow yarn and let the random nature of the wool do its thing.

Add accents like Poinsettias, ornaments or jingle bells to your finished wreath to really get into the holiday spirit!

10. Cardboard tubing

This idea is another one that may take some planning, but it’s a good use of toilet paper, paper towel and wrapping paper tubes. Upcycle that tubing to make a wreath.

Cut the tubes into short sections, and arrange them in a circle before hot-gluing. When the glue dries, spray paint the tubes gold, silver, red or green, and add ribbon or ornament accents.

In the end, it’s all up to your tastes. Not all wreaths have to be the same, and this is just a small way to spark your creativity. With these ideas, you can easily put your own spin on the traditional holiday wreath!

Megan Wild is a holiday loving twenty-or-so year old. When she’s not sipping a cup of coffee she’s writing her latest home decor musings on Your Wild Home.