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5 Important Ways to Support a Loved One with Chronic Pain

5 Important Ways to Support a Loved One with Chronic Pain

me condition

Depression, anxiety and physical symptoms – a focus group

chronic pain in twenties

What It’s Like to Live with Chronic Pain in Your 20s

chronic illness chronic pain not fine

Chronic Illness Diary – When Saying “I’m Fine” Is A Big Lie


Living With Dyspraxia… It’s Fine To Be Neurodiverse

chronic illness pain

5 Things I’ve Learned From Living With Chronic Illness

Emily Yates

Disability activism – an interview with Emily Yates

ME spoons time

M.E. + spoons = the frustration of planning time to relax

panic attack hospital

I checked myself into hospital for a panic attack. Smart move.


When disability and body anxiety merge…

anxiety panic attack ME mean reds

Panic Attacks, Holly Golightly’s Mean Reds and M.E.

chronic pain moxie

Managing Chronic Pain Can Be Dark. So I Make My Own Light.

Living with disability isn’t easy. When you have a hidden disability, the challenges you face aren’t always acknowledged and recognised. Too many people don’t understand what’s involved with longterm challenges like chronic pain and longterm pain management. The disability and chronic pain advice and insights on these pages is all written by those with lived experience of conditions including M.E., panic attacks and forms of neurodiversity such as dyspraxia.