Makeup and Masks: Beauty Looks in COVID Times

Makeup and Masks: Beauty Looks in COVID Times

In times of COVID, wearing masks can play havoc with skincare, confidence and makeup. Miss Chris shares a few looks and beauty tips for accentuating eyes, brows and upper cheeks while co-ordinating with masks (if you so choose).

If there’s one word I’m sick of hearing this year, it’s “coronavirus”. I’m sure you are, too. It feels like this has been going on for a lot longer than six months, I know. But I urge you, reader – stay strong, stay safe, wear a mask, and stay beautiful.

That’s right, stay beautiful. In uncertain times, the little things matter, so if you enjoy your makeup, don’t stop now. Today, we’re talking mask-friendly makeup looks. Pandemic – but make it fashion, baby! Throughout this piece I’ll share my masked-up beauty tips with a few looks thrown in to help inspire your own creativity.

Look 1: Co-ordinate your eyelids to your mask

Coordinate your eyelids to your mask! I was feeling very autumnal here.

In each picture as you scroll down, my foundation is Fenty Skin Match Stix in Linen blended out with a little L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Linen. My mascara is Dark Matter from Spectrum, my eyeliner is Tattoo Liner by KVD, and my brows are Benefit Goof Proof Pencil in 3.5 and 4.5.

Mask from

Pumpkin Queen Eyeshadow from Lunatick Cosmetics

Real autumn leaf necklace by Moss of the Woods

I’m all for normalising medical devices and making life more accessible, especially when said devices can be made into funky, colourful accessories. I love seeing all the different types of masks people use in my community. We’ve all become extra fun all of a sudden!

But masks can be harsh on your skin, too. A lot of people are getting ‘maskcne’, dryness, and general irritation. And usually, they hide a lot of your face, which really reduces the amount of looks you have to offer. Personally, I’m really missing my lipstick lately! Having only half of your face to work with can be a bit boring, so here’s some ideas for ways to keep your look fun and fresh while safely masking.

Look 2: Co-ordinate your eyes (and mask) to your cat

How about a monochrome grey? Match your eyes to your mask to your cat, yo.

Mask from on Perfice on Etsy

Blowin’ Smoke Eyeshadow Palette from ColourPop

Sea Glass Ocean Drops from Spectrum

Necklace from Curiology

Facial skincare tips for coping with wearing face masks

Skincare is the essential step. Now might be a good time to switch up the products you’re using; between masking, weather changes, and general environmental catastrophe, your skin’s needs are likely to have changed a bit. Mine certainly have!

If you can afford to splash out on skincare, do – it’s worth it. High end products like Pixi’s cult Glow Tonic, and their newer Clarity Tonic, which is specifically for pores and break-outs, have rave reviews for a reason. Lumene has an excellent range of Vitamin C-rich products, and, trust me – you need more Vitamin C in your skincare regime. However, it can make your skin more sun sensitive, so grab a product with an SFP included, like their Nordic C Valo Day Cream with SPF.

If you can’t afford these though, never fear – the Ordinary and Inkey List are here to save the day. I particularly love The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid with B5, which is a fraction of the price of similar products and comes in an extra large bottle too, and the Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream, which is a godsend for tired eyes. These products are excellent, cruelty-free, and don’t compromise on ingredients just because they cost less.

Go for balancing cleansers, hydrating serums, nourishing creams, and make sure it’s all skin breathable. Blend everything right down to your neck, and use upwards strokes on the skin while applying. Do it every night and day.

Look 3: Lightweight everyday basics

This is an everyday, pretty, lightweight look for when you’re in a hurry. Just the basics, with a little shimmery soft eye shadow.

Mask from

Oyster Highlighter from Spectrum Cosmetics

Necklace from Sweetacidwitch

Make your eyes and brows a beauty focal point when wearing your COVID mask

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the fancy French panelling. Your eyes and brows are about to become your most noticed facial feature, so take care of them! Keep them groomed – I recommend visiting a salon, if possible, for a brow dye and shape, then you can keep the look intact yourself by buying a DIY dye kit and a good set of tweezers.

Don’t omit upper cheeks and browbones.

Highlight a lot around your upper cheeks and browbones. Try the ‘halo effect’ makeup trick – add extra concealer above and below your brow tails and blend it out for a lovely natural and neat finish. Now’s the time to play with a fun highlighter and let it really shine. There’s a million to chose from, but I just LOVE Spectrum’s Sea Glass Ocean Drops – shake the bottle up and glow like a fallen star. Spectrum is completely cruelty-free, very high quality, reasonably priced, and a small British company. While you’re there, grab their Dark Matter mascara – it’s easily the best vegan mascara I’ve ever used, and it’s actually converted me over from more expensive mascaras *cough*Benefit*cough* that I’ve been using for years. Get it!

Look 4: Combine inclusive mask panel with eye-popping glamour

I love this glam eye and poppin’ lip combo with mask panel. Yay for inclusiveness AND getting to wear my favourite lipstick again!

Panel mask from A Little Touch of Homemade

Zodiac Sunray Highlighter from Spectrum

Diva Matte Lipstick from MAC

Necklace from Curiology

Earrings from RegalRose

Mask up, get set(ting spray), go.

Setting spray is about to become your new best friend. I put some on when I finish my base, then a second layer once I’m done with my eyes, and sometimes a third layer because it can get sweaty under a mask. It sounds like a lot, but it really does help! You cannot go wrong with the cult Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, or for a more purse-friendly option, try E.L.F Makeup Setting Spray – it’s equally as useful as its pricier cousins.

Let the lower half of your face breathe.

Wear less foundation there, as it’ll be covered anyway. Blend it carefully, using a really small amount, with a little concealer to help hide any lurking maskcne.