Carlotta Delisio

Carlotta Delisio

Carlotta Delisio is an amateur writer, cake designer and devotee of Wicca. She is based between Reggio Emilia and Sardinia Italy, where she lives with her husband and three children. She grew up in Switzerland and spent several years studying English and Marketing in the U.K.

Her parents realised early on that she was slightly different from other children, as she would spend her time talking to “imaginary”friends and experienced premonitory dreams that have continued throughout her life. On her fourteenth birthday, she was given her first set of Tarot cards and her magical journey commenced.

Carlotta’s life was transformed when she became interested in Wicca after she felt disillusioned with other religions. She has a strong interest in the fundamental principles of Wicca, including magical sigils, herbs, crystal work, candle therapy and aura visualisation.

Her Wiccan name is Willow Red Jasper and she discovered her gift was that of a messenger rather than a true witch, which she now feels is the perfect role for herself. Her journey with Wicca has a long way to go but it has allowed her to find and relish in her true self.

Articles by Carlotta Delisio

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