Emmi Miller

Emmi Miller

Emmi Miller is a writer, thinker and not-much-of-a-doer who lives in a fantasy world of her own creation drinking copious amounts of tea and trying to explain mental illness, history and why she can’t function without eyeliner.

Articles by Emmi Miller

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The Hays Code and Film Ratings: 5 Modern Films That Would Be Banned

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The History of the Humble Pin: holding the world together whilst we tear it apart.

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What The Pendle Witch Trials Teach Us About Asking Better Questions

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What Do You Really Mean When You Say Something Is Basic? Spread Girl Love, Not Hate.

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How to customise your pocket planner with a portable hobby

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Cynical Cinquain: Poetry for Post-Education

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#PocketPlannerMagic: How to fit colouring books in your planner

writing alternative history

What If? Things to consider when writing Alternative History

yoga with toddlers

Yoga with toddlers – ideas for adventuring together

broke yoga tips for doing yoga when you are poor

Broke Yoga Tips – for when you can’t afford the pretty things


How to write a parody song – a creative exercise


Arts and crafts mythbusting: Putting the WHY into DIY