Emmi Miller

Emmi Miller

Emmi Miller is a teenage-and-a-bit-more writer with a strange attatchment to her shades and her folding bicycle. She lives in a fantasy world of her own creation drinking tea and not knowing what a television is for and occasionally gets a strange idea, turning mind-wordy-magic into written-wordy-magic so that people know what she's excited about.

Articles by Emmi Miller

basic pumpkin spiced latte

What Do You Really Mean When You Say Something Is Basic? Spread Girl Love, Not Hate.

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How to customise your pocket planner with a portable hobby

woman book

Cynical Cinquain: Poetry for Post-Education

planner colouring book

#PocketPlannerMagic: How to fit colouring books in your planner

writing alternative history

What If? Things to consider when writing Alternative History

yoga with toddlers

Yoga with toddlers – ideas for adventuring together

broke yoga tips for doing yoga when you are poor

Broke Yoga Tips – for when you can’t afford the pretty things


How to write a parody song – a creative exercise


Arts and crafts mythbusting: Putting the WHY into DIY

dont need to be told im beautiful

I don’t need to be told I’m beautiful, and this is why.


The Mid-Week Shop


Why do we expect artists to work for free?