Marvin Yolande Douglas

Marvin Yolande Douglas

Born in October 1966, Marvin Yolande Douglas lives in England, born in the industrial town of Slough to parents of Jamaican heritage. In 2008 he moved to Singapore with his Singaporean wife, Rohaya, who sadly passed away in 2012 from a terminal illness. During his time in Singapore heĀ  began writing short stories for his wife as a way to comfort her from pain caused by her illness. Inspired by his wife, he kept writing even after her death as it helped him to regain the strength to survive without her at his side. In 2015 Marvin moved to Leyte in the Philippines, living in an idyllic mountain region where he continues to write fiction stories and articles. Marvin frequently returns to his home town during the holiday seasons.

Articles by Marvin Yolande Douglas

racist sixties britain

The Colourlessness of Clarity: A Vision Of Racial Acceptance

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