Pixie Dreadful

Pixie Dreadful
Pixie is a pansexual, pagan space oddity who originates from South Florida, USA and has traveled extensively throughout the UK and Europe. She completed
her a-Levels at Stafford College and earned her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at London South Bank University. She currently resides in New York, New York with her fiance, Twist and Maltese dog named Princess Sophia. She adores quality cinema or West End/Broadway shows with friends, live music, masked balls or themed events, afternoon tea, getting lost in a really amazing book, poetry, ice skating, travelling the world and fashion. She thinks any time of day or night is grilled cheese ‘o clock and is a firm believer in sushi rolls, not gender roles. Her current focus is on her upcoming post-apocalyptic mythology-based fantasy novel, Eden.
For more Pixie projects and prose, please check out out her website at  pixiedreadful.com or follow her on Facebook at

Articles by Pixie Dreadful

the girl in the shop mirror

The Girl in The Shop Mirror & Dissociative Disorder – by Pixie Dreadful