Rebekah Clayton

Rebekah Clayton

Rebekah Clayton grew up in punky 1970s London.
Although she was attracted to the energy and rebellion of the times, she also had a passion for nature, 19th C novels, folk rock and Pre-Raphaelite art.

Her childhood home (conventional and semi-detached) had been built opposite a dark and spooky Victorian pile, named ‘Bleak House’ by the locals. Its forbidding and overbearing presence awoke her imagination, and gave her a fascination for all things Gothic: ghosts, ruins, spirits, fairies, graveyards and times long past. She immersed herself in creativity: writing, reading, painting, learning herb and folklore and music – singing in various rock bands.

At college she studied Art and later, at university, English Literature.

She earned money in various ways from au pairing to being a shorthand secretary. Her favourite venture was owning an organic shop & cafe.

Rebekah has two wonderful children and they live in the beautiful county of Derbyshire.

She recently achieved a first class honours degree in Creative Writing and won the Percy Snowden prize.

Articles by Rebekah Clayton

Magical Flash Fiction - Dust by Rebekah Clayton

Magical Flash Fiction – Dust by Rebekah Clayton