Little Sofi

Little Sofi

Little Sofi is a tiny little girl from Manchester, UK. She likes drinking tea, playing video games, wearing children’s clothes, making cocktails, drawing pictures and writing words. Sofi listens to any kind of music other than Country and Western or any R’n’B made after 1999. After studying Philosophy she likes to have an open mind and to consider matters of politics, economics and the environment. She is pierced and tattooed, and is an alternative model for various photographers and websites but her passion is writing for theatre and music journalism. She collects children's books and vinyl, plays the guitar and has a taste for latex. Today she can be found mixing cocktails and training bartenders at her bar in Manchester, or sat in front of her Nintendo at her apartment.

Articles by Little Sofi

Piratemas - a very pirate Christmas

Piratemas – a very pirate Christmas

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