Susie Hennessy

Susie Hennessy

Susie Hennessy is a writer, actor, and wandering academic, who has produced a bunch of articles on the application of continental philosophy to the works of Samuel Beckett. Susie was awarded a PhD by Loughborough University in 2015, and a carefully selected chunk of her thesis was shortlisted for the Feminist and Women’s Studies Annual Essay Prize that same year. As well as writing literary analyses, delivering conference papers, and producing reviews for journals including New Theatre Quarterly and Studies in Theatre and Performance, Susie has taken to dabbling in poetry and fiction as an alternative means of exploring the esoteric and otherworldly in recent years. Susie’s first audio play, To Be There, was produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company in 2018, and her latest work of prose fiction “Lowden House” was published by Mother’s Milk Books in their indie anthology of twisted fairytales The Forgotten and the Fantastical 4.


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Articles by Susie Hennessy

Mythical Fiction - Khnum Speaks by Susie Hennessy

Mythical Fiction – Khnum Speaks by Susie Hennessy

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