Yolanda is a writer and blogger who left 6th Form with 3 A Levels in English Language, Psychology and Law. She is currently working on personal and career growth while on her gap year, before taking her place at University to study Media and Communications. Having written diary entries since she could write, she gained a love for expressing herself through the written word at a very young age; practicing the format of blog-type writing before its boom across social media. Since her studies, she’s been rapidly growing her career experience in the field of media and writing, through freelance work and being the Social Media Co-ordinator for Takeme2uni; an up-and-coming carshare service company for university open days. She has been known to write in wide ranging formats, from formal and informative, to creative and imaginative, to blogging, to even poetry. She tries to provide help to those who need it through her words, and aims to connect with her readers on as many levels as possible. Her studies in psychology helped to deepen and nurture her understanding of others.

Articles by Yolanda

Mental Health matters all year round

Your Mental Health Matters All Year Round

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