Hyper Japan 2011

Hyper Japan 2011

Hyper Japan 2011 are looking for a new kawaii Ambassador of Cute… Could it be you or your friend? Winners fly with a plus one to Japan to be featured in a JPop magazine!


Fri-Sun 22-24 July 2011

Olympia 2, London

Website: www.hyperjapan.co.uk

HYPER JAPAN 2011 is running a brand new competition to find our very own kawaii star of the year. After welcoming Misako Aoki, former “Ambassador of Cute”, to HYPER JAPAN in 2010, we’ve decided to try and find out own super-cute, UK based personality to be featured on our website as a spokesperson for Japan’s kawaii culture.

The winner of the Star of the Year competition will also be featured in a Japanese pop/fashion magazine (title to be announced) and win a trip to Japan courtesy of eTours, Alitalia and the very wonderful Shiba Park Hotel.

We’ll choose five finalists and their photos & video will be uploaded onto the HYPER JAPAN website and Facebook page. Then people can vote for who they think would be the best Kawaii Star of the Year. Finalists will also be asked to come to HYPER JAPAN on Sunday 24th July and appear on the stage, appearing in their own cute fashion and then in a yukata catwalk (yukata provided by HYPER JAPAN). There will be a question and answer with the panel of judges, which will include J-Pop star Kanon Wakeshima.

How to Enter:

Send us two photographs, one of your face and one of your whole body, when you’re all dressed up in your cutest clothes. Also, send us a video (about 60 seconds) telling us about yourself.

Entry deadline is Sunday 26 June 2011.

Entries should be send using online file sharing software, such as YouSendIt, to [email protected].


The competition is open to men and women aged 16 or over. Entrants should be ordinarily resident in the UK. Entrants should be interested in Japanese fashion, trends and pop culture, confident in front of crowds, outgoing and bubbly. The final will be held at HYPER JAPAN at Olympia Two, London on Sunday 24th July 2011.

Finalists must be available to attend.


The grand prize for the UK Kawaii Star of the Year is a fabulous flight and hotel package for two to Japan, courtesy of eTours in collaboration with Alitalia and Shiba Park Hotel. There will be other prizes for the runners up (to be announced). The winner will also be featured in a Japanese pop/fashion magazine, and asked to contribute to the HYPER JAPAN website as our ‘Ambassador of Japanese Cute’.

For more details please see the UK KAWAII STAR OF THE YEAR page.

Will YOU be attending Hyper Japan 2011?

Genki in japanese means energy, vitality and strength. HYPER JAPAN and its sponsors are dedicated to bringing back genki to Japan in the wake of the tsunami disaster. By supporting the event, you can support them too. That’s because one third of all sponsorship funding will be donated to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund. In addition, 10% of net ticket revenue will be donated directly to the Relief Fund.

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