Lucha Libre competition London – Mookychick

Lucha Libre competition London - Mookychick

El Hijo del Santo



Competition closes on December 2 2008.

Win: 2 pairs of tickets for Lucha Libre

Where: Camden Roundhouse, London, UK

When: Sunday 7th December 2008

More than ever, the world needs superheroes! Lucha Libre is the masked Mexican free wrestling art (with theatre and cabaret thrown in) with bizarre characters and men who hide their secret identities behind capes, masks and alter egos. Win one of our pairs of tickets and you can see them perform in London as a pre-Christmas treat!

Lucha Libre is not so much a sweaty man-sport as a thrilling art. Standard American World Wide Wrestling it ain’t!

Part-wrestling, part theatre, part cabaret – Lucha Libre is all these things and more. Your friends, your lovers and your family will love it – it’ll make a perfect pre-Christmas treat.

If you win one of our pairs of tickets to see Lucha Libre in action, count yourself lucky – Lucha Libra is VERY rare to find outside of Mexico, and this event features authentic Mexican Luchadores that have been flown in specially for this exclusive event.

You’re sure to have a great night out in London on December 7th!

The December 2008 event features the following Luchadores: El Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon Jr., Solar, Cassandro, Mystyco de Juárez, Silver King, Hijo del Solitario, Magno, Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito, Corazon de Barrio ‘El Aventurero’, Ruby Gardenia, El Lobo , Pequeño Pierrot, Athor and Anibal Jr.

Lucha Libre was brought to the attention of punks and new-wavers everywhere in the comic ‘Love and Rockets’, then made popular by Jack Black’s film ‘Nacho Libre’ (which featured Silver King/Rameses and El Lobo “Troll” – world-renowned luchadores that will be appearing at this event).

What do Luchadores wear to hide their identity?

  • Mask
  • Bobble hat
  • American flag
  • Email [email protected] with THE ANSWER, your NAME and YOUR ADDRESS.
  • Please put MEXICO in the email subject title.

Imagine that… winning Lucha Libre tickets… xxx

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The event takes place on the evenings of 6th – 9th December and there is a special matinee performance on Sunday 7th December. Tickets are available now, costing £20 – £60 for the evening performances (£75 ringside) and £20 – £50 for the matinee performance (£60 ringside).

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