Mineral Makeup Competition – Mookychick

Mineral Makeup Competition - Mookychick

Prize: 5 mineral makeup starter kits to give away

Mookychick loves Elemental Beauty because it provides ethically sourced mineral makeup that’s good to animals and perfect for sensitive skin.

Each mineral makeup box (and there are 5 to give away, swoon) contains:

– Foundation

– Blusher

– Eyeshadow

– Dainty kabuki brush for application

But why are we so excited about mineral makeup here at Mooky Towers? Well… What’s natural, protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, great for all skin types, plus gives your complexion a healthy, glowing finish? It’s not magic, but mineral makeup; the hottest thirty year old trend to be hailed as the ‘new’ beauty solution.

Mineral makeup has been around since the seventies, a radical choice of the disco generation that was quickly squashed by more mainstream brands in the face of eighties consumerism. Mineral makeup is now poised to become a favourite amongst women of all ages who not only want to look great, but also choose to take money away from unethical sourcing and animal testing of big brand names.

What’s so great about Elemental Beauty’s mineral makeup, anyway?

1) Mineral makeup is appropriate for sensitive skin. The titanium, zinc and other ingredients found in mineral blends naturally soothe and rejuvenate the skin, while zinc and titanium oxides act as UVA-UVB protection.

2) Application is light; you can achieve a flawless look in a matter of moments with only a few brushstrokes. No more pancake makeup that looks like a mask and draws attention to imperfections like spots or wrinkles.

3) Mineral makeup looks less tired if you’ve been wearing it all day or night. In fact, you can even sleep in it!

For your chance to look as radiant as a geisha girl with Elemental Beauty’s mineral makeup kits, simply click here to say which mineral foundation would suit you best

Will it be…

*** Cookie Foundation for dark skin

*** Healing Mineral Foundation

*** Soft Focus Mineral Foundation

*** Oil Control Mineral Foundation

How to enter the competition:

Email [email protected] with your answer, your name and address.

Please put ELEMENTAL BEAUTY COMPETITION in the email subject title. Remember to include which foundation suits you best.

Competition closes on October 8 2007.