Tsai-fi plushies and plushie toys

Tsai-fi plushies and plushie toys

Tsai-fi (pronounced sci-fi) will rock your world with their strange and weirdsome plushie toys and funky little tsai-fi tees. Tsai-fi is all about creating unique characters that have super cutie-pie qualities with an unexpected twist. And they’ve teamed up with Mookychick to offer you their precious things!

Mookychick has 3 Tsai-fi pretties to give away!

Find out more about Tsai-Fi drunk mermaid plushies and tees

You would have thought mermaids would never get drunk because they live in the ocean, but yes, apparently it is possible to mix a sweet little saltwater cocktail, and Rita the Drunk Mermaid is always a little merry but never the worse for wear!

She is a hard core dancer that adores tequila, so she comes with her own plush margarita that velcros to her hand or any other part of her body. She’a a champ at dancing without spilling her drink…even after she has had a few too many.

  • Tsai-fi plushie 1st prize: Rita the Drunk Mermaid

  • This sweet little drunk mermaid is made from Doe Suede,Polar fleece, felt, ribbon and camo twill
  • She costs $55.00… but as our star prize, Rita the Drunk Mermaid will be your Tsai-fi friend for free!

Dust Bunni

  • Tsai-fi plushie 2nd prize: ROSEY POSEY

  • Rosey Posey is the sugar sweetie of the crew, but don’t steal her candy or you will face dire consequences.
  • All Dust Bunnis need to be adopted.
  • This little Tsai-fi plushie is made from terry, high pile plush, felt, embroidered trim and with a wood button.
  • Tsai-fi dust bunni plushies cost $36.00 but you can take Rosey Posey home for free!

Denim Demon

  • Tsai-fi plushie 2nd prize: BLAST

  • Blast is the most evil denim demon of them all and he holds the record for the most crimes against False Religion jeans.
  • He is made completely of denim.
  • This evil-sweet little Tsai-fi plushie denim demon has topstitched details all over to resemble jeans.
  • He has sewn on butt pockets and a felt eyepatch cut into a demon face with studs for eyes.
  • Tsai-fi denim demon plushies cost $45.00 but you can take Blast home for free!

Tsai-fi Question:

What are the names of the 4 drunk mermaids that live in the smashed sea? Follow the link to find out…

Just send an email to mookychick at yahoo.co.uk with the following information:

1) Put COMPETITION in the subject header
2) Tell us the names of the 4 drunk mermaids
3) Please remember to include your name and address
4) Please say which of the 2 pretties you prefer if you end up winning 2nd prize: Rosey Posey the dust bunni or Blast the denim demon

The competition closes 15 December 2006. Winners will be randomly chosen, as is the mookychick way. Good luck and godspeed to you all!

Love Mookychick and Tsai-fi xxx

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