Voodoopickle for electro fashion and DIY jewellery – Mookychick

Voodoopickle for electro fashion and DIY jewellery - Mookychick

voodoopickle retro jewelleryvoodoopickle retro jewelleryvoodoopickle retro jewellery

Prize: 4 necklaces from Voodoopickle!

Competition closed on January 2 2008.

Voodoopickle sell funky, limited edition handmade and vintage jewellery.

If you have a look at their site, you’ll see everything, from plastic crayon and mini-toothpaste earrings to cool confetti-filled pendants, gummie bear necklaces and candy chains. No self-respecting electro crafter sweetie can afford to be seen without one.

Oh, and they’re kind of totally affordable, too. Huzzah!

Voodoopickle offer something unique and quirky and they are always looking for new supplies and materials. Why the name? The Voodoo part is pure magic and the pickle part means a mixture so Voodoopickle is a magical mixture. Nothing to do with cucumbers in vinegar…

For your chance to win a sweet and gorgeous necklace, from a love-heart full of candy to a blue-leopard electro star, just click here to decide which necklace you want. Then email us your answer and the necklace design you want to win.

How to enter the competition:

Email [email protected] with THE NECKLACE DESIGN YOU WANT TO WIN, your NAME and YOUR ADDRESS.

Please put VOODOO COMPETITION in the email subject title. Please do remember to include your postal address, otherwise we’ll never be able to send you your prize!

Competition closes on January d 2008.

Winners: A.Steel (UK), T.Newman (UK), A.Sothcott (UK), C.Cullum (UK)

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